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Re: JV, What is the whole approach?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: JV, What is the whole approach?


The Whole Approach method is run in an online site where you adhere to a hideously limiting diet and take multiples of products that could easily total hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month if you took what they advised you to. For instance: for every symtom you have, you can ask about it in their forum and they will refer you to the "correct product(s)". If you aren't buying their products and ask them a question, they know it and will tell you that you will not get better until you are using their products. I know because I tried on purpsose in a post not to mention that I stopped using their products when posting because I just wanted to get advice from other candida sufferers (I didn't know about this site). The response I and others got was always what products to take and they would sum it up with a quote from who knows who. They re-use these quotes over and over. They do sell a variety of products..some are the common ones and others are simply not safe, but people are so desperate that they'd consume any product that promised answers. They would probably defend themselves by saying the products are FDA approved, but Bentonite is FDA approved for poison patients, not for weak digestive systems.

After a while, as I went through post after post, I began to realize that these customers are taking dozens of their products to get better, which someone else mentioned in this thread already....and nobody ever seems to post about being better. They have a search engine in their forum like this site and I typed in words like "heal, healed, cure, cured, the answer, eureka"..any word that might spell long-lasting relief. I didn't find one person who was cured...Not one. They oddly do experience die off...I won't mention what I think is really dying off. They openly admitted in one post I found that their products are so harsh that they sometimes lead to leaky gut syndrome, which I conveniently developed after using their products. Now I can't even eat squash without buckling over in pain. You can also follow the posts of a certain user, like here, but those peope never mention real improvement in later posts after previously mentioning trying a new Whole Approach product, only that they are taking more and more products and are filled with hopeful optimism that they will eventually improve. Sorry, that's not good enough for me.

So I tried to be nice because it was in their forum that I first realized that the problems I had for most of my life were really candida. I wanted to help them discover Threelac and maybe they could sell less toxic products to make their living. So first I looked Threelac up in their forum and found only negative comments from the moderator--bashing it like bogus trash. I wrote and told them not to do that because people search for years for real help with candida and they finally find out about Threelac and ask about it...THEY HAVE THE ANSWER IN THEIR GRASP FOR HEAVENS SAKE and they just want to go into the forums and ask about it and have "a professional opinion" before spending $50+ and the moderater chews it up and spits it out, so they don't ever take the chance on it. That upsets me so much that I choke! How cruel can they get? It's not like when you come in here. You get real answers from people without a nastly little agenda.

I told them in a private letter, not in the forum, to please try it..I said something like, "You don't have to tell your customers you are trying Threelac..please, please just try it. You will wake up more refreshed than you have in years like it will be the first time you've slept--because that will be the first time you've had a good nights sleep in years. Then maybe you can sell it too!" I wanted to make them feel like they could be a part of it too and really help people, which they could have. They wrote me back putting it down. I mention all the bad points they've made about Threelac in my first post. It was saddening. They are purposefully keeping consumers(and they have hundreds of customers) in their site from hearing anything good about the product. If you post something positive about the product, I am sure it will be deleted promptly. They delete anything that isn't up to their standards and only keep the stuff that advocates and endorses their program.

The worst part of when they responded to me was the fact that they quoted the post from this site stating it was a quote from a doctor. Is that lower than low? It wasn't even a doctor sounding quote..It was something like (and I'm paraphrasing), "Threelac is like flies landing on poop. You can swat the fly away, but they still come back because you're poop is still sitting there."..."poop" is only a synonym of the word they used, but I'm not going to stoop the their level of vocabulary. It sounded more like an explanation of an ill manored 12 year old to me, who can't think of an example that doesn't have anything to do with toilet humor. I get the feeling that person posting in here is really them trying to scare potential Threelac customers out of this forum and into theirs. You don't suppose that could be, do you? But no..They would never stoop that low, would they? There's a riddle to chew on for about two seconds because the answer is obvious. lol. In my opinion, it all boils down to greed, which is the feeling almost all wrong-doing originates from.

I hope this helps, Suzieq2 and I'm sorry the post is such a long read :)



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