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Published: 17 years ago
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Hi. First and foremost, get off the BC pills! They are murder when it comes to candida, as synthetic hormones are a factor in candida overgrowth. And the ones they promote now that you take constantly so you only get a period like every 6 months are even worse - don't know what the medical folks are thinking with THAT one!

Second, just so you understand, we are ALL looking for the thing that will cure us once and for all. No one is saying, heck, I think I will take the roundabout route here and just keep this thing alive 'cause it's just sooo much fun! So, the basic answer to your cure question is no, there is no roadmap to a guaranteed cure, and the reason you hear so many conflicting opinions on forums and in books is because candida and related issues are complex, probably with many causes and contributing factors, and there are protocols that work for some poeple and not for others. So, people will naturally get very enthused and promote what has helped them, but it may or may not help you. It is the "trial and error" of finding what does and does not work for you that keeps candida from being a "take this and you will be cured" kind of condition.

That being said, I can tell you what has helped me. I have not done the MC, but have read, as you have, that it is not good for candida. However, my understanding is that substituting the sugary drink (I forget, is it maple syrup?) for something else has worked for some and is a valid way to do cleanse. You could try a forum search of "candida master cleanse" and will likey find the postings that discussed that.

What worked for me (I am almost there - at about 90% better than when I began this healing journey 2 years ago):

1) Traditional anti candida diet (no grains, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, white potato, etc. plus lots of good protein - and I eat meat and soy but others will tell you not to - its individual) I still follow it to this day and is the diet I need to be on to feel my best. I do use some alcohol and caffeine now, since I am better. Other will have an entirely different way they eat. Soem vouch for fermented veggies and cider vinegar and such. They don't work well for me. they may for you.

2) Probiotics. I use the Natren brand "Healthy Trinity". Others will recommend other brands they like. Must be from refrigerated section - those bought off shelf lose potency quickly.

3) Antifungals. Not a "cure" because, unless underlying reasons are addressed (basically, toxicity of some sort/origin), candida wil re-grow once antifungals are stopped. But, they will help get candida populations down and that often helps the body to regroup and that in turn will help with the overall toxicity issues. I have used GSE, Caprylic Acid, Diflucan, Nystatin, Tanalbit and Candex. Best is to pick 2 or 3 and rotate them every 4 days to a week to avoid the resistance issue.

4) food allergies . Even if you think you don't have any, candida is notorious for making them surface after you begin to address the candida issues - unmasks them, if you will. Be aware and on the lookout for food intolerances , and avoid anything you are reacting to. Allergic reactions happen becauase in candida your gut lining is often punctured due to leaky gut (the candida can reach a stage where they bore holes thru the gut lining, and protein molecules and toxins that would normally stay in the gut escape and your system sees them as invaders and launches a histamine response. L-glutamine can help repair a leaky gut. Be on lookout for food, as well as allergies to herbs and supplements.

5) Liver!! Yes, I have come to agree that the liver drives the candida bus. If the liver cannot process toxins, then candida overgrows to consume those unaddressed toxins so they don't make you even more ill. So, that is why candida doesn't stay away after a round of antifungals. You are still toxic, and candida comes to the rescue to mop up the toxins. So, Liver Cleansing is the path, in my opinion and the opinion of many others here, to that elusive "cure". Many will advocate flushing. I have not flushed, and am waiting to see if my healing path takes me in that direction. It is not the only way to go. Check out the "Ask Shelley" forum here on Curezone and look at her FAQ section for all kinds of ways to support the liver. One thing though, is that I discovered that silymarin was having a detrimental effect on my liver, rather than a positive one, even though it is highly touted as a iiver tonic. I had a big healing breakthrough after I eliminted that. I generally do not do well on herbals, so not sure how unique this situation was to me, but something to keep in mind. I think it was what was holding me back and now the flood gates are opened and I seem to be on a faster healing track. I just discovered this connection about 3 weeks ago when i read of a stufy at U. of Pittsburg that showed silymarin inhibited phase 1 liver detox.

Hope some of that helped. Balancing candida is a time consuming, rewarding, frustrating, learning journey. Best of luck!


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