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No more BEER!
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Published: 19 years ago
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No more BEER!

Hi Christi!

It sounds like you are looking for ideas and money is an issue. Please see my post to littlepaw, this page, subject: diet. Notice it does NOT allow for BEER! LOL! Sorry, guess you had a few last ones for a while, maybe, but you just can't give the yeast it's favorite feast and expect to get better! I suspect beer gave you this flare-up.

Here are my thoughts on doing this on the cheap.

Top priority- your diet! (see diet posting) No additional cost.
If you can- get nystatin powder for oral suspension. If you have insurance, check and see if it would cover it. Mine did, a few months use only cost me $10.00. Nasty tasting powder that probably saved my life. Without insurance would have been approximately $100 at Walgreens. Private pharmacy can bargain lower.

Stop taking vinegar (see diet posting), not needed and is killing the probiotics you take. That will save some $$. Stop taking probiotics now- until enough yeast are killed, they yeast simply kill them off with the toxins they release. You'll do the probiotics later, when your symptoms get better and suggest the yeast is better under control. Instead maybe just have a yogurt with meals to aid digestion, but those yeasties will kill it off, fast.

Keep going with the Oil of Oregano. Very powerful. You could add to that: Grapefruit seed oil (GSE) capsules AND Caprylic acid capsules AND maybe even garlic capsules for that same $30.00. I never tried Candigone- sorry can't help. Tea Tree Oil can be bought separate and put in whatever you want, rather than separate products, if you want to use it. I do that way so it can go on nails, in mouthwash, you could add it to douche or enemas...basically use it wherever yeast shows up. It lasts a long, long time. I think I get more benefit out of the drops of Grapefruit-Seed-Extract (also sold liquid form), though, which can do all that but also I think is better for internal use, so drops can go into juice.

Sounds like you are just teeming with yeast, you'll have "die-off" and feel generally ill while doing this, and you will need to de-tox. Two thoughts:

1. Follow Jhan's often-recommended lemonade fast over lunch. You don't have food, just water with fresh lemon and some cayenne in it. I'm too disorganized to remember to bring cayenne to work, so I've just been doing the lemon and I do feel better on those days.

2. Bentonite and Psyllium husk (B&P)- I felt HUGE benefit from this, thanks to everyone on this board who ever posted on it- you all convinced me! BIG jar of Bentonite only $14.00. Lasts all month for me. Psyllium husk capsules were 200 of them only $9.00. Lasts even longer, haven't used them all yet- I take 2 or 3 at a time.

OK, this seems confusing so summing:
1. diet. 2. lunch fast. (so far no more cost)
3. daily oil of oregano and caprylic acid or GSE, but not
probiotic now, so then maybe same cost as you have now.
4. nystatin if you can- cost depends on situation.
5. B&P to alternate with antifungal use. Not same day. Cost evens
out, over time, just come up with it at first.
At first I did the antifungals religiously, 4xday. Now, my pattern has been hitting multiple antifungals hard for a day or two, then detoxing and resting my body until I'm up for it again. Has been working, with diet.

If it's still confusing and you want to ask anything go ahead and I'll try to answer better. Hope this was somewhat helpful, tho.

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