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Re: Has anyone actually beaten Candidiasis?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Has anyone actually beaten Candidiasis?

I know of about three or four people on curezone and three people off curezone who claim to have beaten their candida (and these were long-term chronic sufferers). the problem is, once people feel better - they no longer hang out here. we might do well to re-examine what those guys did, as well as support each other here in our experimentation. it might also be good to go back over the posts in prior forum #'s and see who says they've beaten it and then disappeared.

1. Shelley - claims to have cured herself via liverflushing, bowel cleansing, diet, and general organ/lymph management, as she puts it. You can read her story by clicking on "The Best of Shelley" link at the top of this forum page

2. Midlothian Girl claims she no longer has candida via liverflushing, chelating (i think), and bowel cleansing. she's still active in the liverflush forum, so you can ask her what she did.

3. a guy named mslarsen. he's a little different. he took "prime pH" drops and some other supplements from Dr. O Young and claims to have cured himself remarkably quickly. he stopped posting i think a year ago or so. you can google his posts.

4. a guy named raider swears by threelac... but then, he's also selling it - so you have to decide whether you think he's sincere or not (i do, i think threelac just works for some people and not for others....)

as far as off of curezone:

1. the famous (or infamous) Karen Tripp (she has her own website) says she beat her candida through diet and an antifungal called SF-722. i dunno, but she's not selling anything i don't think.

2. there's another guy in england who had candida real bad for years after a bout of glandular fever... he claims to be completely cured by ordering "The Patient Detoxx Book" and doing exactly what they say to do (pretty expensive and radical protocol, but if it works...). part of this protocol includes liver-flushing - but not in the classical curezone sense.

3. and today on a different Candida Forum I came across the following post from a guy who saw the same doctor in Idaho that the now infamous Karen Tripp saw:

"Just wanted to share, once again, that I was cured by a doctor who practises in Idaho. If any of y'all have heard of Karen Tripp, he also fixed her (she has a web site). He used (1) parathyroid medicine as my parathhyroid was not working (b)calcium since I was not digesting calcium (c) betaine hydrochloric acid with each protein meal since i was not digesting protein due to the parathyroid not functioning and I being on a high-protein, low-carb diet (d) SF-722, which cleared the candia (though it would have returned without the other supplements. Also I stayed off any sweets, fermented foods (unless well toasted), citrus, smoked foods and limited my carbs to less than 50 a day. The candida went and haven't see it since then. Thank you for reading!:)
By the way my email id is if anyone has any other qs".

i'm sure there are many many more instances of curers out there - but i haven't really looked too much yet. the only one factor everyone has in common is the diet - however, i can tell you that if your yeast is advanced enough - the diet alone will not cure you (as karen tripp says).

what i've learned is that for me - the liver is v. important (hence my insomnia, PCOS, and inability to handle prolonged die-off well). also, we shouldn't ignore the pH and mineral issue... i just started taking Miracle II and boy, i can really feel it doing good things for me. also chlorella is doing good things for me at the moment too.

i'd love to hear about more success stories so let me know if you find any on the web.




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