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Liver flush
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Published: 16 years ago
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Liver flush

Hi Mar,
It sure is nice to be back too - a dream come true!
Finally! Did I ever wait for this day.

So well, when to do a liver flush? That is a big question. My take is that I'd rather rotate the treatments and have my different organs cleanse themselves progressively and thus have them cleanse one another.

It is very important to start with a Bowel Cleanse because otherwise, when you eliminate toxins, if your bowels are not effective, you'll end up re-assimilating the toxins.

Next you could do either a fast or a liver flush. I did 8 (or 9 I forgot) of them. In a few series. After the 'special' liver flush: the one that gives you a fantastic high and makes you feel so good (often enough giving you your sense of smell back), it is better to stop and carry on with the other treatment.

So you can go either
Bowel cleanse
Liver Flush and around again once more

Bowel cleanse
Liver Flush
Fast and around again once more

I'd say one month each would be pretty good timing.

I did a bowel cl. 4 liver flushes, a fast and another bowel cl. 3 liver fl. a fast and on and on.

2 things you need to know about the liver flush
1- Put some grapefruit juice with the epsom salt, it will still taste awful but a lot less then with plain water. This gr. juice - unlike the one you mix with the oil - does not need to be fresh made, you may purchase a bottle of grapefruit juice (no added sugar) and it will do the trick

2- The day after, it is advisable to do an enema, it helps to recover a lot.

There are alternatives to the liver flush: the cleansing salad and the pure oil/lemon mix. After my 8 liver flushes, I kept going with the cleansing salad (my treatment was rather long, for 20 years I had been suffering from trouble due to Sugar intolerance - I did not have a clue what was the cause and the doctor were not helpful at all).
Having tried both of them, I like the cleansing salad better. try both and see for yourself.

Here is the cleansing salad treatment:

Cleansing salad :

1 cup carrot pulp or grated
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
herbs for flavor. I like to use: Tarragon, parsley, minth (loads) and oregano
Must eat 7 days in a row for it to cleanse liver.

When your stool get dark, your liver is doing better.

Eat as a full meal (make twice or three time as much) for great and fast result. With 2 other normal meals.

Or eat as a salad with other dishes - but then it is not as effective.

The mix of oil and lemon/grapefruit juice forces the bile out of the liver (if your stool become green, it means there is a lot of bile that was discharged. After your liver has flushed the bile it needs to make new bile... which is then more effective.

The pure oil/lemon mix
This mini-flush involves taking a tablespoon each of olive oil and lemon juice 1st thing in morning on empty stomach and wait an hour before you eat.

With candida it is better to do a semi-fast then a complete fast. We are so very deficient in so many different nutrients that we would not last a week on a normal fast (once you feel tired and without energy you are to stop fasting).
So it is better to have a light breakfast, fast over lunch and have a broth or a soup for dinner. While drinking plenty of water (I would drink 4 liters a day).

P.S. Not seeing the eggs is a good sign. It must be because your probiotic is doing the trick.


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