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One Week Update - warning: long
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Published: 17 years ago

One Week Update - warning: long

So - I've been on the Salt/C for a week. The effects are mostly very very positive so far - but there have been some negatives as well.

I am getting yeast die-off, but very mildly. At this point, yeast seems like some minor side-issue compared to what else is happening.

My mood is subtly different - my outlook much more positive. I just feel better somehow, in a way that's hard to describe. Muscles are more relaxed. I'm listening to more music. I'm getting more things done and my attention and focus is better. Yesterday, I walked to work through Central Park - I never feel like doing that!

I have slept 5 out of the 7 nights on this protocol so far without the aid of any sleeping pills. This alone is pretty miraculous for me - and when I do take the pills I'm sleeping much later into the morning (10am vs my usual popping awake at 6am feeling sick and toxic)

I *was* cheating on the diet without ill effect, but have tightened up again as it looks like a good diet can shorten recovery and help boost the immune system to better fight the Lyme. Also, it looks like Lyme feeds on simple sugars, just like yeast.

My body temp. seems a bit higher, and although I still get cold hands and feet, I think I am getting that less often.

I am much more regular. I "go" everyday now in the a.m. and sometimes twice or three times/day. Very unusual for me. Feels complete and easy too.

My sense of smell has returned with a vengeance. Manhattan stinks! The streets smell bad, the car exhaust is awful. The place smells like a toxic dump. How did I not manage to notice this all these years?

When I take a dose, I immediately (within 5 minutes) feel a wave of nausea emanating from a place right under my left ribcage - the place that some of us feel corresponds to the splenic flexure of the large intestine, where the yeast hang out. I don't know what that's about - but I feel like there's something living there, some local point of infection - and whatever it is does NOT like the salt at all. After the nausea passes I usually feel really good for a while.

I am up to about 3-4 grams / day of the salt/C, but you're supposed to ramp up to about 12 g/day - although I seriously doubt I'll go that high.

On the negative side:

I had a really bad day two days ago. Felt depressed and anxious - even though I had more energy. My left side "spleen-pain" area was bad that day. Had all sorts of anxious thoughts - like the salt was eventually going to kill me etc. Your mind can mess you up. The next day I felt much better.

I'm having more stuffy/runny nose mucus problems.

I'm clenching my jaw more - don't know why.

I had significant kidney and ovary pain the day before yesterday, so I backed down from 4 grams to 2 grams and felt better. I do not want to wreck my kidneys or get a kidney stone from all the salt - but I really don't want to give up on a treatment that is working so very well. Backing down on the dose really helped though.

The nausea is intense. Sometimes its so bad I have to run to the restroom. Although I haven't actually hurled yet, I've come mighty close.

Smells make me wretch. Sometimes I can't even bring myself to read CureZone posts as the gorey details make me feel sick! This never used to happen! The nausea makes being out all day (which now I feel like doing) difficult, to say the least.

Up at the higher (4gram) doses, I get a kind of drained feeling - the exact same feeling I get if I do too many enemas or colonics - I always thought that feeling was from killing or washing out too much good bacteria - and it might be - but I can't think of any reason why salt or vitamin C would kill good bacteria....

I'm forgetting to drink enough for some reason. Just feel too busy/happy to drink a lot of water. That's not good.

So that's where I am. Mostly, everything feels sublty better - esp. my digestion.

No big nasty herxes yet. Next week I'll try to get up to 5-7grams, but only slowly. Wish I could ameliorate the nauseous / sick feelings - but for now, I'll take it. This thing is doing something good for me.

Sorry to run on so long - just wanted to give a thorough and honest assesment of this for anyone interested. Hope everyone's doing well!


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