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Re: Newbie who is so confused does not know where to start............please please help
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Newbie who is so confused does not know where to start............please please help

This is the anti-inflammatory, candida diet that kept me healthy for ten years until I strayed and started eating inflammatory foods back in February:
Candida Diet

Candida Diet - Foods To Eat
MEATS (Should be free of Antibiotics , nitrates , preservatives & Hormones)Beef ChickenFish (eat moderately because of metals)LambTurkey OILS (Cold-pressed)Flaxseed (not used for cooking)Olive Oil (good to cook with)Sesame Oil (not used for cooking)Sunflower Oil (not used for cooking)
GRAINS (Whole - not refined)Amaranth*BarleyBrown RiceBuckwheatMillet*OatsPasta (whole grains that are not wheat)Quinoa*Rye*If gluten intolerant stay away from barley, oats, rye, spelt NUTS & SEEDS (Raw)AlmondsBrazilChestnutsHazelnutsMacadamiaPecansPumpkin SeedsSesame SeedsSunflowerWalnuts
DAIRY ( Antibiotic & Hormone Free)ButterEggs VEGETABLES*All (except mushrooms)Moderate potato (1-2/x wk)
CONDIMENTSFresh herbs (i.e. basil, parsley, etc.)Dry MustardPepperSea saltSpices (without additives, sugar, MSG, etc.)NutmegGarlicgingerLemons/limes DRINKSWater - filteredHerbal Teas (red clover, peppermint, etc.)Mineral water w/no Sugar (Perrier, etc.)Rice MilkFresh-squeezed lemon juice
BEANS, Peas & LEGUMES*All (except fermented soy products, i.e. miso, tempeh) *Good to eliminate this group for the first month - then eat only 3x/week MISCELLANEOUSCarob - unsweetenedSalsa (fresh w/ no vinegar or sugar)
FRUITS (1 per day)Apples (granny smith - peeled)BlueberriesCoconut*Grapefruit*Lemons/Limes* very sick people are discouraged from eating regular fruit because of the high Sugar content. Some citrus is OK, such as lemons/limes. SWEETENERSSteviaGingerRice milkLemons/limes
· Stay away from common allergen foods if presenting multiple allergy symptoms (citrus fruits, corn, milk, tomatoes, wheat)· You may get IgG blood test from most doctors for delayed food allergies to find out if any of these foods offend your system. Many doctors also give stool tests to determine candida, parasite and metals toxin content, but few doctors, except candida doctors can adequately read the results because of their bias against the concept of inflammation-related problems.· If you can’t afford the tests, eliminate foods if you detect that you react poorly to them by doing the food- Elimination Diet periodically.· Follow the rotational diet plan, because you may develop allergies if you rely on one food source too much.· To develop perspective on your diet, eat 20 percent meat, 80 percent vegetables, and less than 100 grams of carbs a day.· Also, meal proportions should be small. For perspective: If your combined servings at one meal are too big to fit in your hand, then you are overeating. Your stomach is about the size of your hand balled into a fist, and stretches to hold food. If you eat more than a handsized-meal, your stomach will stretch further, accounting for discomfort and feeling the need to overeat, in order to feel full.· Try to eat organic and grain-fed.· Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, spacing the water out for maximum hydration: two glasses in morning, one mid morning. Two glasses after lunch, one after dinner, and one before bed. If you are new to the candida diet and experiencing die-off from killing the candida with the diet, then you should drink a half glass of water every hour to purge your system of toxins.

Candida Diet – Don’t Eat
MEATS Processed & Packaged meatsHamburgersHot DogsSausage OILSPeanut OilProcessed oils - label reads partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils
VEGETABLESCornMushrooms NUTS & SEEDSCashewsPeanutsPistachios
DAIRYAll cheeses including cottage cheese, and hard and soft cheesesButtermilkCow & Goats MilkIce CreamMargarineSour CreamYogurtkefir GRAINS Breads (unless wheat, dairy, yeast and Sugar free)Cereals (unless wheat, dairy and sugar free)CornKamutPastriesSpeltWhite RiceWhite FloursWheat
CONDIMENTSAll vinegars CatsupGravyJams & JelliesMustardPicklesRelishSalad Dressings (unless no added sugar)SaucesSoy sauceSpices with yeast, sugar of additives addedTamariWorcestershire MISCELLANEOUSCandyCookiesChocolateCoffeeDonutsGelatinGumFried FoodsMuffinsPastryPizzaProcessed Foods (TV. dinners, etc.)Smoked, Dried, Pickled or Cured Foods
BEANS & LEGUMESPeasNo fermented soy products (i.e. miso, tempeh)No soy - tofu DRINKSAlcoholCoffeeFruit juices Sodas (Diet & Regular)Teas - Caffeine (except green tea)
FRUITSApricotsBerries (raspberries, strawberries, etc.)BananasCherriesCurrantsDatesDried fruits (prunes, raisins, etc.)FigsGrapesKiwiMangosMelonsNectarinesOrangesPapayasPearsPeachesPineapplePlumsPomegranatesTangerines SWEETENERSAspartame (NutraSweet)Barley maltBrown rice syrupBrown sugarCorn syrupDextroseFructoseFruit juice sweetenedHoneyMaltodextrinMaple SyrupMolassesRaw cane juice crystalsSorbitolSucraloseWhite sugar
* Stay away from common allergen foods if allergic (citrus fruits, corn, milk, tomatoes, wheat).

· Warning: People with allergies and sensitivities related to inflammation associated with candida should consider eliminating a certain family of vegetables related to tobacco:
"Nightshade vegetables include tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes and chili peppers. It is not surprising that these novel foods, being nightshades, were regarded with suspicion at first and were slow to take hold in the European diet. They all contain nicotine in some form, although it may be named solanine (potatoes), tomatine (tomatoes), alpha-solanine (aubergine) or solanadine (chillies and capsicums). It is now apparent that there are groups of people who cannot tolerate nightshades in their diets, wish to avoid them anyway or find that eliminating them helps alleviate a variety of mental, emotional and physical problems. The following groups of people avoid nightshades. People with Arthritis - Some researchers believe that Arthritis is misdiagnosed in people who are in fact just suffering joint aches and swelling arising from consumption of nightshades. One in three arthritics react badly to nightshades. These individuals frequently have a sensitivity to the solanine chemicals present in these foods. It can take up to six months of exclusion of nightshades from the diet to achieve a beneficial effect. Macrobiotics - since the 1960s, the macrobiotic diet has recommended avoidance of all nightshades. This proven diet for health and longevity is followed by celebrities such as Sadie Frost, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Madonna. Children with eczema - for some children the elimination of nightshades from the diet helps clear eczema, particularly around the mouth. Gastro Esophogal Reflux disease - consumption of nightshade vegetables, particularly tomatoes, can causes a reaction where the stomach contents are pushed back up the esophagus towards the throat with symptoms of heartburn, chest pain, choking while lying down and asthma symptoms when sleeping. Those quitting smoking - some programmes to help people give up cigarettes also recommend giving up nightshade foods in order to completely eliminate low level nicotine intake and consequent re-addiction. Blood group diet - Dr. Peter d'Adamo's Blood Type Diet recommends people of blood types A and B to avoid all nightshade foods. This represents about half the population of most European countries. Cystitis, lupus, Psoriasis - giving up nightshades can help relieve symptoms of cystitis, lupus and psoriasis."

Tests that help you determine roll of inflammation associated with candida in your health problems:
IgG test available through any doctor will expose any delayed food allergies that may be keeping you from making progress.
Comprehensive stool test Any doctor can order it, but only a doctor knowledgeable about the ills of inflammation can properly read it. Great Smoky Mountains Daignostic Lab:
Metals Toxicity Stool test available from Doctor’s Data Inc.: Any doctor can order the test, but doctors knowledgeable about the ills of inflammation are the most qualified to interpret the data.

Where to find simple, healthy, anti-inflammatory recipes: The Yeast Connection Cookbook

Best Advice: I know I've got a bad doctor when he doesn't see my symptoms as an inflammatory response and tries to treat the symptoms individually, or dismisses them as no big deal when I'm in obvious pain or discomfort, or can't work or can't poop or keep food down.
I boil it down to this: Find a good doctor who understands that your
symptoms are related, that they are an inflammatory response, not
just a bunch of separate symptoms he can use to generate tests and
boost pharmaceutical sales – and seem like he knows what he's doing.
This would be, preferably, an MD, who acknowledges the intense
inflammatory response of some patients. But it can also be a
naturalist, homeopathic physician, traditional Chinese medical
doctor, chiropracter or alternative doctor.
Conventional doctors
can't help your problem because they can't even bring themselves to
admit the limits of their training. They are outclassed by a growing
group of patients presenting allergies to inflammatory foods such as
wheat, sugar and dairy, and environmental allergens, such as
fragrances, pesticides, metals and smoke. Don't fall into the
doctors' trap of treating each symptom separately when it is so clear
they are all inflammation related. Treat them all at once by building
your immune system and cutting out inflammatory foods and stress.
Ask yourself this: if your doctor doesn't know the origin of all your
symptoms, and how they interrelate with diet, how can he suggest
drugs and surgeries for it?

stages of candida:


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