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Published: 16 years ago

New To List

Hi, Everyone

This is my first time on this list,and I would like to share a little about myself. I am new to this beautiful journey in natural healing and raw foodisim. But plan to spend the rest of my life as a vegan raw foodist. I have been blessed (as Dr. Richard Schulze s would say) with Sle Lupus A auto Immune disorder and chronic depppression. Up until recently I had a red raw, rash from head to toe for 8 months straight. Doctors didn't help worth shit. For those of you that are affeanded by my languge, please excuse me as I am very angry with our goverment for holding back such powerful information as colon cleasing. colon cleansing removed 90% of my skin problems and made my deppersion so much better. I felt like a new person but countinue to eat meat and crap foods.I finally found a website on raw food. What a wake up call. I went to a raw food resturant in H.B. California for the first time. Eating this food was one of another of my most beautiful experiences in life. I couldn't believe how much energy I felt after my meal. It was what my body has missed all of it's life. I now understand why I've suffered this long. And I truly believe that my disease is a blessing. It has been an I eye opening experience to a better life that only other raw foodist and self healing beings now about. I coutinue to educate myself on this way of living so I can devote my life to help others who are ill. And I ask that all of you can help educate me. All thought I have so many questions that anwsering them would literaly be an neverending story, All only burden you with the basics for now.
1. what is the best juicer to buy?
2.How do you get 2 year old,who will only eat raw fruits and nuts to eat veggies? my son is constantly telling me his hungry. He is not over weight. But it seems like he eats to much food. He is a vegan but is so addicted to cooked foods, breads, and sweets I don't know what to do. I live with my parents and when they watch him the give in to his cries for bread and sweets. He will tell me He is hungry and begg for junk. when I give him raw veggies that he will eat cooked he turns it down. He will eat raw and dry fruit all day. But I am concered about the Sugar as I had a bad yeast problem while nursing him. what shall I do? (I don't have A dehydrateor yet)
3.I am struggling with staying raw all day long. Night time is my junk food time and the time I seem to think I'am hungry. I don't now If I am really hungry or just need more fluids, my mouth gets dry and I have alot of saliva in my mouth, then I go pig out on bread and sweets. I'm sure I still have yeast problems but I can't stay away from sweets. I have to have a couple pieces of fruit a day.I'am not over weight but eat crap food like I should be.(we are thin with high metabolisms)
4.Will the need to eat big filling meals curb after a while?
5. Any suggestions on how to detox gently and help with my health conditions?
Thank You All and God Bless You, Julib

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