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Sum up 10 years of Candida....
jake1111 Views: 5,323
Published: 15 years ago

Sum up 10 years of Candida....


As many of you have known.. I have had the following symptoms for almost 10 years:

- White coated tongue
- Fatigue
- Digestive problems
- Mood swings
- Blood shot eyes
- Dark bags under eyes
- food sensitivities .
- Constipation
- Tinnitus
- Sleeping disorders
- Dry Skin.

All of these symptoms were stemmed from over use of Antibiotics . I was given almost 6 months of Antibiotics for mis-diagnosed prostatitis, simple chest cold, and the fact that my doctor is a pill doctor (wanted to do a 'spring cleaning' as he said it)....

As the months went by (while I was on the Antibiotics - which I was perfectly healthy before taking) my tongue became white and coated, and all of the above symptoms started to appear. I even remember after approx 4 months I started to hear a slight ringing in my ears that eventually became unbearable... All stemmed from Antibiotics... I was finally sent to a specialist in another city who was disgusted with my family doctor and told me to stop ALL antibiotics immediately. I did but the damage was done.....

So for 10 years I have spent almost 10K on Naturopaths, Chinese medicine, supplements etc focusing on CURING Candida... Nothing has cured my symptoms above. I would get minimal improvement and then let down as the symptoms would get worse again... I have finally realized that the problem is not Candida... Candida was the INSTIGATOR stemmed from Antibiotics which caused gut irritation, then finally low stomach acid production.

So if your immune system is intact (no HIV or immune disfunction) Candida is only a SYMPTOM. It is a symptom stemmed from one simple thing. LEAKY GUT CAUSING LOW STOMACH ACID PRODUCTION. I believe this is the hidden cause of most "Uncurable" disease. Leaky gut was probably initially caused by the overgrowth of yeast (As I was on my 5th month of antibiotics my entire digestive tract was loaded with Candida. It was in my feces, my tongue had an 1/8" coating of white junk).

So many of us are trying to cure the Candida only to get minimal improvement. We are running in circles when we should be concentrating on curing leaky gut and focusing on getting our stomach acid production back to normal. The sad thing is I dont know if the low stomach acid production can ever be cured as the damage to the Pareto (spelling?) cells may be permanent.. (Someone please prove me wrong).

In my case I have proven this theory. I had a Hiedelburg (spelling?) test done. My stomach acid production was DANGEROUSLY low. I asked the doctor what can be done to improve or heal. He said to take Betaine HCL before meals. It helps but doesnt cure my symptoms which leads me to believe that either:

a) Leaky gut is causing low stomach acid production or
b) Damage (possibly permanent) from antibiotics to the pareto cells is causing Leaky gut and subsequently Candida.

If anyone wants to help research this or has anything to add please feel free. This is my summary of 10 years of research.

Here is a good site to read up on this. This fits my history and research exactly.


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