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For Michelle, re Trip to the Dr....
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Published: 17 years ago

For Michelle, re Trip to the Dr....

I think we're all concerned about you, Michelle. You're very active on this board, so I think we all have an insight into what's going on with you.
Here's mine: You are a leaf on the wind. Someone says "try this..." and you're off to try it. And then depressed as hell when it doesn't work.
We are probably all like this in the early stages, but as we try more and more remedies, and spend, spend, spend, we begin to grow a cynicism toward the industry that's riding Candida to the bank. Then we want a reason before committing to and trying it.
The solution to Candida isn't simple. It's not on this board. It's not on any web sites. It's not with the MD's. It's in you. YOU can find a way through it. These boards and websites are nothing more than resources to help you help yourself. They are not the solution themselves. Not yet, anyhow.
You can see this in the many, many, many different approaches discussed here. The best solution pointed to by the people on this board so far is a multifaceted, multilevel, long term change in lifestyle, including diet, supplements, exercise and stress control. There's no single magic bullet yet. What works for you will only become apparent through your own efforts.
Advice on how to approach this illness:
1. Accept it. You're sick. There's no quick fix for this one. No pill. You'll likely be sick for another year or two. More if you let it. But you WILL be healthy again. Believe it and believe that you will find a way to overcome it. And take responsibility for it. You are the master of your body. Decision, common sense and willpower are the tools. Decide. To return to a healthy life. Make an affirmation/visualization if it helps you--it helps many people.
2. Then, pick a protocol. Perhaps Queta's is a good one to try. Or Jhan's. It doesn't matter which one because it's only a starting point. (practical point: make it something you can easily fit into, not too expensive, not too extreme..) Then do it, AND ONLY IT, consistently, until it's effects are clear to you.
(If you are lucky, this protocol will succeed. But more likely it won't, it'll only be a place to start. Candida seems to have many different strains.)
3. Start a journal. Take half an hour each day at a time when you will not be disturbed and write about anything related to your illness. Use a computer or paper, whatever works. (perhaps you can even use this board, that won't be such a stretch for you!) Be creative and accept your own thoughts and write them down. These thoughts will turn to wisdom as you progress. (note Jhan's wisdom!) Share your thoughts! That's the value of YOUR input into this board!
For practical purposes, record what you are doing and it's effects so that you have a good solid basis for progress.
4. Find some professionals to get on your team. Doctors are needed to write prescriptions, alternative health pro's can give advice on diet, etc. These people are your team, but you are their manager. If you let them, they will happily take over for you and since it's clear there is no single, simple cure for this disease, this is not in your best interest. As it's not even officially recognized, you must manage your own care to get yourself through it.
As you've found, Doctors will not write you a prescriptions just because you ask them to. They need solid reasons, just like you should. Prescription medications are said to be a leading cause of death...
5. Then begin to isolate the remedies. Vary one item per "time period" and see what happens. (the period is up to candida period is about 3 days....I can notice an effect in about 3 days....change it according to your own observations.)
6. Then, while continuing with your regimen as above, follow the wisdom on this board and wherever else you can find it (including within yourself), and create your own approach. For example, rotation is generally agreed upon. Antifungals are generally agreed upon. Alkaline diet. Probiotics, fermentation, vitamins, minerals, etc. Write down a comprehensive approach YOU can believe in and when you are confident, put it into action! Then observe it's effect, recording as you progress.
7. Continue experimenting, modifying, varying and recording and reporting the results.

This is no quick fix, but Candida can with time and patience be beaten! There are many stories on this board of success. Sooner or later, through your own efforts you will narrow down what works for you and hit the point of no return! Put the last nail in it's coffin!
This is basically the approach Jhan has taken. It's the scientific approach, based on observation and experimentation. And she reports that it's working for her....!!!
(Jhan: please feel free to correct me!)

8. Finally, remember that it's up to you. This is MY advice. If you don't agree with some of it(or all of it!), then substitute what makes sense to you. Do what makes sense to YOU. That's where the solution will be.

Good luck!

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