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Re: Petey, I would like to know your chelation protocol.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Petey, I would like to know your chelation protocol.

Hello, Seaside, and thanks for asking!! I'll be happy to share it with you and everybody else!

After much research and inquiries with my doctors, I settled on a natural approach that is gentle but hightly effective... and it doesn't expose your body to the massive release of mercury like when using the drugs... By using this method (which isn't new), I began experiencing results within one month, and GREAT results after a few months, and I continue to feel better and better as time goes by...

Removing the mercury from your body is a two-step process... First you must mobilize it... That means to "extract" or "release" it from your cells, where it is bound very tightly, and get it moving into your bloodstream... The second step is to "chelate" the mercury, or to actually REMOVE it from your bloodstream... Many people don't realize that much of the mercury is stored in your brain and central nervous system, and these drugs, like DMSA and DMPS, cannot cross the blood-brain barrier...

The herb cilantro contains chemical properties that mobilize mercury even more effectively than those awful drugs... Sure, the drugs extract mercury quite well, but that's the problem.... They do it TOO well... as their administration is still rather experimental, nobody really knows how much is needed for a given person... Most often they dump a large amount of mercury in one's bloodstream -- WAY more than your system can handle, and if you don't chelate it out properly (which is impossible given the amount of mercury mobilized), you end up reabsorbing it again only to have it redeposit itself into your vital organs in mass quantity.... NOT GOOD... and you're back to square one, but oftentimes in a worse situation than before... Not only is cilantro gentler (YOU can control how much you take), it is the only natural substance that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and get the mercury out from where it counts.... I use only organic, cold-pressed cilantro extract... about 20-30 drops per day in the early stages of my post removal chelation therapy... If you start now, continue that for a month... then back off for a month... then go on a maintenance routine of 10 drops a day for as long as you can keep up with it... I say 20-30 drops because only you can tell how much you can tolerate by gauging the symptoms that will invariably flare up...

Now -- while you are taking the cilantro, in order to chelate the mercury, you MUST take massive amounts of chlorella... Chlorella binds to the mercury that is released in your bile and carries it out through your bowel movements.... Get only organic chlorella if possible, and make sure it is "broken cell wall" chlorella... our bodies don't have the ability to absorb it enough to allow it to do its work without it having gone through this process... Any brand that says "Yaeyama" chlorella is a good bet, although the brand "Sun" is really overpriced.... probably because of the its popularity.... Take 3 grams 3 times a day while taking the first month's cilantro extract... then you can back down to 1 gram 3 times a day for maintenance, although you really can't get enuff chlorella... It's a super food that is REALLY good for you.... Also, try to take the chlorella 30 minutes before you take the cilantro tincture... this will allow the chlorella to be in the right spot in your gut for when the cilantro causes the mercury to be released in the bile...

You should also up your intake of vitamin C, and take supplements of glutathione, methionine, alpha lipoic acid, glutamine, and MSM... I don't want to get any deeper than I already have, but these things will assist in the process...

I hope you try this out and it helps you like it helped me... Incidentally, you can find much of this on the internet with a little digging... I didn't make it up, and I speak from experience.... Please don't hesitate to ask me to expound on any of this... I feel like I've gone on too long as it is... But thanks again for asking... Good luck to you! You deserve to feel better after all this time!

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