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For your information,
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Published: 15 years ago
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For your information,

I am only on the Candida Forum in order to further my efforts to stay as informed as possible.... I want to improve my health in as many ways as possible...because I REFUSE to live in a "bubble".... But fighting Candida is a continual battle... It never ends, although I have everything under control in terms of Candida overgrowth symptoms... I am most active on the Liver Flush board these days, because I think that flushing just might be the final step towards achieving stellar health in the face of such a hostile environment as we live in, but I think it is wise to stay tuned to this board just in case I might learn something new about candida that could yield me more options or alternatives that I haven't already discovered through years of research and dedication.... AND so that I might enlighten others in return for all the help and support I have recieved from them over those same years... I have already had my "herxheimer" reaction... Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.... I am so far beyond the hypothyroidism, the digestion problems, the memory issues, the depression, the sexual issues, the fatigue, etc., etc, due to Candidaiasis.... My remaining issues are allergic in nature, and I am going to deal with that with Liver Flushes and more diet modifications...

I never said, nor did I ever mean to imply, that Amalgams "cause" Candidiasis... But if you think that Amalgams don't contribute to the proliferation of Candidiasis, then you are SORELY mistaken...

I am trying to help people to realize that having Amalgam fillings will hinder their efforts to eradicate candida overgrowth... that's all... It's been proven many times over... and If you like, I will respond with links from reputable sources that support my assertions... although I should hope that you are capable of finding that same info yourself... given your DESIRE to find such information....

I won't quote your entire paragraph, but rest assured --- I avoid ALL of those exposures you mention save for those which simply CANNOT be avoided - air pollution and fish consumption... I have a reverse-osmosis water purification unit in my home... I only drink bottled water when I go out... I take chlorella three times a day... and Bentonite twice a day... I eat only organic vegetables when possible... I am a chef, so I have some measure of control over that... I take plenty of vitamin C... Blah, blah, blah... Do I need to continue?

And here's the clincher, Michelle.... Since I had my bout with Candida, which was due to the culmination of 37 years of taking Antibiotics , eating poorly, continually exposing myself to toxins both in my workplace and at home, and HAVING AMALGAMS, I have not experienced ANY symptoms since 3 or 4 months after I had those infernal things removed... Despite having MANY courses of Antibiotics in the meantime (I didn't know about probiotics when I took them in the past)....

I find your comment that I had my Amalgams removed "for naught" to be rather offensive... You simply do not have the ability to be objective here...

You know why? Because you STILL HAVE YOUR AMALGAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You CANNOT judge upon the effectiveness of having them removed until you have them removed yourself... I mean, how can you know anything about something if you haven't experienced it?

Your preaching sounds like a man trying to tell a woman that abortion isn't her choice... or a coffee drinker saying that quitting caffeine is impossible cuz he/she can't function without it...

All I can say is, no WONDER you got Candidiasis again!! Could you possibly stop for a moment and think that it just might be possible that if you would not have had your amalgams, that you might not NOT have gotten Candidiasis again?? Of course, you'll never know that... Because you still have them.... and if you're over 50... I'm afraid it's too late.... the damage has already been done....

Stay real... stay objective... don't close your mind to the possibilty that removing them could be beneficial to you... If it's just the money factor (which I hear over and over again is an issue), then shame on you.... Or if it's just because you simply BELIEVE that Amalgam removal isn't helpful, then just quit talking about it... Cuz if you DO continue to talk about it, you'll just keep sounding like a bible-thumping, soap-box maniac who only spouts third-party rhetoric based on heresay... Knowmsain?


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