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Re: Yes, something else is going on...I AGREE 100%
rachel--24 Views: 3,956
Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Yes, something else is going on...I AGREE 100%


You are on the right track. Believe me...I am no fan of mainstream doctors but on this issue...I believe they are correct in saying that if you had systemic Candida you'd be in the hospital in serious condition. I fell into the whole candida theory for lack of diagnosis and needing something to *fight*. The diet does help and yes, alot of us do have candida overgrowth but there is a reason behind it. I took diflucin several times and it did nothing except remove two small spots on my skin that had been there for a year...they were gone overnight...never to be seen again. Diflucin is effective when yeast is the problem. If its not working its because yeast is not causing your symptoms. I tested negative for yeast after taking antifungals and follwing the diet 100%. After I stopped treatment and started eating Sugar I tested positive for yeast overgrowth...but guess what. I've had the exact same symptoms the entire time regardless of the yeast overgrowth. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and then Clostridium Difficile bacteria overgrowth...the candida is a side effect of those conditions. Its a chain reaction sort of thing...undiagnosed gluten intolerance causes leaky gut which puts a strain on the immune system. Even though I felt fine I became more suseptible to infections such as what happened with C-Diff follwing Antibiotics . If I didnt have underlying issues I would not have been as vulnerable. It took 2 years to get diagnosed with gluten intolerance and still another year to get diagnosed with the C-Diff infection which had been there the entire 3 years of illness. Now I have an extremely leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, chemical sensitivities, and candida. I could have continued to target candida for the rest of my life but it wouldn't have solved a thing. This is why people can never "kill" their can treat the symptom all you want but as soon as you stop it'll come back because the underlying cause is not being recognized.

I know people who are living with AIDS and candida is an issue for them. When they get it...they treat it...just as your doctor stated. It goes away. It would be crazy for anyone to take Diflucin for months. It should work in 2 weeks or less. Of course you *can* take it for life if you want but it will wreck your liver and thats about I dont think any doctor would be idiotic enough to perscribe it for life. If candida's your problem it'll take care of that in a short period of time...there is no need to take it for months.

Its been 8 months since I decided that systemic candida was NOT the answer for someone like me who does not have AIDS or cancer. Prior to that I was angry at the doctors for not taking my candida seriously and I walked into an alternative clinic and was able to get diagnosed with systemic candida based on my symptoms alone. It felt great to have someone agree with me but the feeling went away shortly thereafter when I realized how much I was struggling trying to fight candida....when I have this friend living with AIDS and doing MUCH beeter than I was...and he *did* have systemic candida. The guy has like almost no T-cells, he's gotten cancer, been hospitilized several times and he's doing BETTER than me! The reason he's doing better is when something goes wrong...he's diagnosed and treated and goes on with life. If the candida gets out of hand because he falls sick...they treat it and he goes on. I was NOT getting on with life because I had a serious bacteria infection and a serious food intolerance that was causing damage to my intestinal lining....and every doctor failed to diagnose me for 3 years.

I have a great doctor now and I do expect to fully recover from this. I hate to support the conventional doctors who failed me but on this issue I support them 100% and I feel that if we didnt go in there claiming we have systemic candida they might take us more serious and not laugh in our face or recommend we see the shrink. This is what happened to me and none of the doctors took me seriously. Its unfortunate but its reality.


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