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Found incredible Nutritionist/Pharmacist
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Published: 17 years ago

Found incredible Nutritionist/Pharmacist

It turns out this man is one of my pharmacists at a small, family run pharmacy that I have been using for years. Just the fact that it is a pharmacy and had a full aisle dedicated to homeopathic and natural remedys and supplements caught my interest.

I went in to fill a 'script for my thyroid meds and while I was waiting for it, I figured let me get some lecthicn and ox bile for the gallbladder flares that I was having. This man comes walking down the asile, introduced himself and asked if I needed any help and we got to talking and I gave him my background on the gallbladder issue and my thryoid and how after 2 years of meds I am still suffering with severe hypothyroid symptoms.

Long story short... He is a pharmacist for 39 years and a Nutritionist for 29. He believes in micronutrients and that many of our diseases/ailments come from poor nutrition. But... he's not one of those that says eat the food pyramid and you will be fine. I made an appointment with him and we met. I brought him all my bloodwork from the past 2 yrs (since diagnosed with thyroid). The consultation was about an hour and 45 minutes and that man went though every single page of my bloodwork, asked about my history, what I am currently suffering with, certian illnesses that may run in the family (hypothyroidism tends to run in familys, as does Lupus which my sister suffers from).

Get this.... I am thinking pharmacist right... is gonna want to just give me medications and drugs. He pointed out that my tests indicate that i have absolutely no essential fatty acids and no magnesium in my body at all, and that this will cause the brainfog, confusion, weakness, fatigue, muscle cramping and spasms, extremely dry skin. I also have almost no iron either. I asked about the heartburn and told him about the athlete's foot and very very tenatively mentioned candida overgrowth.

Well... his reaction to that was that he agreed, I most likely do have a candida problem as well as others. What a wonderful relief to have someone in the medical community acknowledge this.

It was very interesting to hear what he had to say, the supplements he provided and even more important is right now that I am starting to feel a little better. Not fighting the candida yet, as he said my entire body is so out of balance that would do more harm than good. Best thing right now is to get me more centered on the EFA and Iron and Magnesium, address the heartburn with a GI "revive" drink which helps re-establish the akaline state of the stomach, told me to start taking probiotics daily and give me d-ribose to help rebuild the muscle that has completely deteriorated in my body over the past 4 years. Oh and he also suggested some dietary guidelines to follow as I am not getting enough protein, veggies, fruit or water. (by the way - great book is the Nutrition Alamanac by Lavon J. Dunne)

I haven't followed all he has given me yet. But I am getting there and I have to say with just the addition of the vitamins and fish oil/flax oil I feel so much better!

I see him again on Friday - if any one is interested I will let you know what he says.


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