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Re: this forum seems crazy
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: this forum seems crazy

Hi Fiona!

Well, I guess I would have to disagree with Shelley on taking vinegar for candida. My understanding is that vinegar does kill bacteria, but leaves yeast alone. That is why it is added to yeast bread- the yeast does fine, and bacteria does not spoil the dough.

I suppose if you knew or suspected that there were "bad" bacteria organisms in your gut you could anticipate possibly killing it. There are some bacterias that do co-occur with yeast. Just don't expect it to kill yeast, because it will not. (By the way, sauerkraut is not made with vinegar- it is made from cabbage and salt, and when properly made is fermented with beneficial bacteria- so don't put it on your "bad" list).

Yeast does produce chemicals that kill off the "good" bacteria that we want to have in our gut. That is why taking probiotics is NOT helpful until the candida overgrowth is back unter control. The stomach acid will kill off most of the probiotics. What survives into the intestine will be killed off by the yeast. So, I would agree with Shelley that first parasites/candida should be dealt with. Otherwise, the time, money and effort spent on probiotics is wasted.

After killing off the candida, repopulating with probiotics is essential. Consuming yogurt, kefir, saurkraut, etc. as well as enteric-coated probiotic supplements. If this step is not done, the opportunity for candida to come back is left open. My personal practice is NOT to consume vinegar, because I do not want to kill off probiotics. I suppose with a wildly healthy gut and very minimal amounts of vinegar, it may be no problem for most people. But candida nearly killed me, so I'm not willing to give it any help. I don't consume any vinegar at all.

Some people advocate using it as part of a diet to modify pH (alkaline diet). I don't know a lot about those diets, but I am aware that the body does work to maintain a particular ph (that is why calcium may be leached from bones in response to consuming a cola beverage). So, it would take a lot of study to know how/what/amounts of various foods to consume. Just having some vinegar, on it's own, probably would not achieve the objective, and there are many other foods that could be used instead (foods that will not kill probiotics). Some people also put Apple Cider vinegar ino a separate class, and swear by it. I don't eat any apple products, as usually the fresh-disease free apples are used for grocery produce. The fungal-infected apples are used to make juices, vinegars, etc. I avoid fungal contaminated foods, because I already have too many of those toxins to deal with. Otherwise it wouldn't be a big deal. I do try to read as much research as I can about all health issues, especially candida-cure related, but to date have found NO human studies with apple cider vinegar. It does not appear to be essential for a cure, so it may not be worth pursuing.

There are some people that absolutely LOVE vinegar and saying ANYTHING against it usually unleashes a storm of protest on this board. Sit back and watch the show, they will surely have their say.

About the spices- Garlic is good, very good. The other "hot" spices, I know nothing for or against, except that my concern would be preparation- I do avoid all mold contaminated foods, so there is a matter of trust that when the spice was made, it was with clean, fresh, quality ingredients and equipment. To me this is important, so I only use spices sporadically- instead I grow my own fresh herbs so I know what I am getting.

Summary: Vinegar kills bacteria- the good and the bad. Vinegar does not kill yeast.
Garlic = good. Others hot spices = ???
Priority #1- kill parasites including candida
Priority #2- after completing #1, repopulate probiotics.

I hope this helps. Good health and good luck to you!


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