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killing bacteria is killing us.....
jake1111 Views: 2,460
Published: 15 years ago

killing bacteria is killing us.....


My parents started brushing my teeth when I was just a child. I then would brush my teeth for over 25 years with no issues. Never had an infection from it. I know for a fact I only changed my brush once a year. Never soaked it. Never cleaned it etc... I totally believe that it is this thinking "KILL ALL BACTERIA IN AND AROUND YOU" that is causing many health problems today and why most of us are on this site today....

If my idiot doctor wouldnt have perscribed those horrible Antibiotics (telling me he wanted to give me a "spring cleaning") I wouldnt be sick today. I was perfectly healthy before I took the broad spectrum Antibiotics . After that is when my tongue got loaded with the white junk, my ears started ringing, my eyes became swollen and bloodshot, had digestive disorders, dry skin, jock itch, swollen prostate etc. All because of someone getting paranoid from the 'supposed' bacterial overgrowth in and around us...... People need to just relax and stop taking Antibiotics and cleaning every darn thing around...... We are creating resistant bacteria and damaging our digestive system!!!!!

I can prove it to all of you. Most of us have a white coated tongue on this site. My uncle is an alchoholic who doesnt work and lives a horrible life style. One thing is... He wont ever take antibiotics! NEVER! He said unless he had an infection "PROVEN BY BLOOD WORK". MY GOD... I wish I thought this way 10 years ago.... He has ZERO coating on his tongue, no digestive issues etc. I looked at his tongue.. I was sick to my stomach that a man who drinks beer all day, eats burgers, pizza, smokes has NO THRUSH... PERFECTLY PINK!!!!! And guess what.... He hasnt changed his tooth brush in years. Let alone brush... He eats day old pizza that sits on the kitchen table over night. BACTERIA OVERLOAD..... RIGHT??? THE PROBLEM?? NOT!!!!!! And he isnt an anomoly!!! I have seen it in many others with horrible lifestyles.. They all share the same factor.. NO ANTIBIOTICS UNLESS NECESSARY...

Its all because of Antibiotic overdosing! I attribute this to most ailments today. After what happened to me.... I even think most deaths from health problems, even some cancers are attributed to Antibiotic overdosing.... Especially colon cancer.

Everyone on this site should be trying to figure out why our stomachs are not producing enough HCL and our digestion is not digesting carbohydrates properly. What happened from the antibiotics that stopped or damaged this process??? When someone figures this out and how to correct it then they will have the solution to health issues of approx 90% of the people on this forum.

One doctor Michael Biamonte was focusing on healing Pareto cells. I thought he was heading in the right direction and I took some. It didnt help. I still believe he is onto something though....

My two cents...


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