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Re: thrush????
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: thrush????

Hi Jake

I hate to this but unfortunately that culture was more than likely not at all reliable. First I would wonder where you would find a doctor that would even do that. I have been to regular doctors and to a doctor that knew lots about candida and neither one suggested that as a test option. Nor have I seen any of the online testing places offer such a thing. I would think the online test places would offer it since it would be fairly easy to scrape off what is on the tongue and create a slide or something and send in for analyzing. Yet I have never seen or heard of it. So I would have to question the reliability , seriously.

Also, if this was a regular MD , I would be highly suspicious of the motives here. My doctor took one look at my tongue and told me the same thing you were told. Undigested blah blah blah. Regular Md's are very condescending and I would not be the least bit surprised if there was no "candida " culture done, but rather you are being told that because Dr wants to get you off his back and confirm to you that it is impossible. Drs seem to be really trying to disprove it.

Well, let me tell ya, I am now seeing tons of what is in me coming out in globs. I see it when I have a bm, sometimes I cough it up and it is on my tongue to a lesser degree.

Whatever is on your tongue is what is in your intestines. Your tongue is a mirror of sorts. Since all thse parts are connected , your mouth , esophegus (sp) intestines stomach etc.

If you are trying to say that candida does not exist or is not what is making us sick, I have to say Jake you are off base here. I know for a fact that it does. This is the second time I had it. Unfortunately you are trying to prove to yourself that it does not exist for some reason. And it seems as though you are basing it on the fact that it is all HCL, stomach related issues and you are right to a degree. However, it is candida that causes these stomach issues. Although candida is referred to as a bacteria, it is somewhat like a parasite. It feeds on what we eat and these releases it waste by-product which is where the havoc begins. This slows down digestion so candida has more of an opportunity to feast. And it escalates from there.

The truth is some people very well may have candida because their digestion is so slow. But certainly because you had a "culture" proving it is not candida on your tongue doesn't really prove anything conclusively, not to me anyway. All it confirms is that you are not breaking down carbohydrates properly which is a classic symptoms of candida.

You are right is saying that digestion is the problem, it is. But they are circumstance where candida causes the trouble. Sometimes candida is the first culprit as a rsult of takijng Antibiotics , being constipated etc. Other times candida id a result of an underlying problem like digestion. So you are on target with the digestion theory. However, candida is sometimes the cause of digestion problems. that is what makes this thing so tricky to treat. One must clean out the bowel, kill candida, and try to address the underlying cause ( which is the tuff part). It is diet, lifestyle, drugs, constipation, poor digestion, mold environment. They can all cause candida.


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