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My results are astonishing to me

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jake1111 Views: 13,830
Published: 15 years ago

My results are astonishing to me


Update on my progress:

10 years of trying to treat Candida (after months of being on Antibiotics ) I feel I was going down the wrong path.

I spent over $10K on doctors, tests, supplements, antifungals, acupuncture, etc from NDs all over Canada and US. (All of them presented questionaires etc that I scored high with systemic Candida). So I took their advice.. Supplements, diet, antifungals, probiotics etc... Signing on the dotted line... Another check.. Another let down...

All this with minimal results. Fighting through die off etc etc etc. Constantly trying to kill Candida. I feel now that it was all a waste of time and money.

This is what I feel was my problem now (I say 'feel' as I wont say for sure until at least another few months of feeling this good) Also. I am not saying that this is the root of everyones health issues here. This is me. You can read my history all of my previous posts etc and decide for yourself how similar my story is to yours. (i.e. past meds, symptoms, etc etc) I have on this site for almost 10 years I believe:

I found out that I was not digesting my food properly and the main culprit was low HCL. I have been strictly taking 3x350mg HCL with Pepsin with small meals and 5 x 350mg of HCL with Pepsin with large meals. I have been doing this non stop now for a few weeks. My results are astonishing to me:

- Coated tongue is not gone. Only a slight paste on the back that is slowly receeding
*** Before I would have to brush it daily with Baking soda to clear it and it would return by nightime after a few meals. ALso, my mouth feels more 'clean'. Cant really explain it but it feels like it did prior to taking all of the Antibiotics I took years ago.

- Energy has increased tremendously.

- My tinnitus that usually gets horrible during and just after meals or in damp places has almost completely subsided

- My stomach bloating after meals is almost completely gone.

- My eyes are more clear (white). Before I had horrible blood lines and puffyness.

- Eye floaters are hard to find now. I have to really concentrate. Before they were all over.

- My skin is not horribly dry like it was before.

- I dont wake up every 30 minutes like I did prior. I am sleeping much better.

- My mood swings are almost gone. I could feel when they were on. Just after eating anything besides protein. I would get shaky and I would have to take it out on my heavy bag.

- My fecal matter is more solid and I dont see all of the food particals and mucus as I did before. Looking much more similar to what it looked like prior to the Antibiotics .

- My ears are not as sensitive to noise.

- My eyes are not as sensitive to light.

** Overall it looks like I have found out what is the core of my problem. I do believe the doctors were correct. I did have an unbalance in my digestive tract (candida vs acidopholus). I tried for years to get the balance back to normal but couldnt do it.

I believe now that it is a viscious cycle. Your stomach doenst digest the food, it empties into your intestines with bacteria, fungi, and food particles. Your intestines then become unbalanced with bacteria and fungus. The food which is still not digested feeds the Candida and other parasites as it passes down into your colon.


Take antifungals, probiotics, colonics etc. Kill as much as possible but the root of the problem is still there.... The stomach is continuously allowing the food to pass through undigested and the cycle starts again.

** After everything I have tried, my symptoms, history etc I truly believe now that there was some sort of damage to my stomach from the meds I was perscribed. I have read that 'Pareto Cells' can become damaged from certain antibiotics. These cells produce the HCL required for digestion. I am supplementing now but I would like to research if these cells can be repaired.

I have had almost every test imagineable done by both NDs and MDs. Out of all the tests I had done only one test presented a major problem. The 'Heidelburg' test. This test measures the PH of your stomach and mine was dangerously low.

For this reason I tried HCL supplements initially but only took 1 or 2/meal. I didnt follow the protocol of increas by one tablet until your body tells you to stop (i.e. burning etc). This time I did. I am comfortable at 4 or 5 / large meal.

**** I do however TRULY believe that some of the NDS know that low HCL can cause Candida overgrowth, digestive issues, allergies, etc and prey on people like me to sell them a gamut of antifungals, probiotics, supplements etc only to return in a few months wanting to give me something 'else to try'... This is how they make there living.... Sad... They are not supplemented by the governement in Canada so they have to get money somewhere....... Insurance companies only give me $200/year in ND coverage..

Before you go to another health store or ND and spend your hard earned money please have a 'heidelburg' test done or try the HCL supplement test to determine if your HCL is low.

What I could have bought with $10,000........

More updates to come in the following weeks. I will say a prayer for you all!

Kind regards,


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