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Can you customize a protocol for me please?
lunagirli Views: 1,193
Published: 19 years ago

Can you customize a protocol for me please?

Hi Shelley!
I've been reading your FAQs and I found them to be very informative but also brought up many new questions.
I would love it if you can do an analysis and customize a protocol for me. I will try to provide you detailed info.

I'm 33yrs old, female, of asian descent. I took the dosha test and I'm a Vata and a little Pitta. Not all the descriptions as a Vata describe me but most of them apply. I'm 5'4" and 105lb. My weight has been pretty consistent all of my life. I might be considered underweight but my bones structure is very thin to begin with. I'm sorry but I don' know my blood type(I'll have to go get tested).
I've never had any illnesses but I did suffer from what felt like an ulcer in my 20's. I felt a burning sensation usually about 2-3hrs after eating and the only way to control the pain was to eat again and so on. I went to acupunturist with no luck and finally saw a doctor and he prescribed some acid reflux medicine and it helped. I don't know if it was the stress or the diet. I wasn't at a very happy place during that period so it might've been the stress.
As for my health now, I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly(mostly pilates, weight training & some cardio). But I don't sleep too well at night(multiple wakings to visit the restroom) and have a weak bladder because I constantly have to go to the restroom. I've been drinking a lot of water so it's been worse.
Sometimes I experience mild indegistion and my tongue gets coated white and my spit is thick and thready. I get cold easily and don't enjoy the cold weather. My skin on my face is usally oily and I get Acne with my mentrual cycle and I also have oily scalp. I always have dry, chapped lips no matter how much balm I put on them. And when I get anxious or nervous, I have a bad habbit of pealing the skin off them and they get even more chapped. I grind my teeth alot and drool a lot too, I think I have excess saliva. I would like to have better quality sleep and more energy during the day. My stool is pretty healthy from your descriptions and I was concerned for a long time that it was a little too big in size. If anything, it sometimes looks too hard. I rarely have diarrhea and usually have at least one BM a day. So I think my colons are in pretty good shape. I do get hungry very easily and get very agitated & weak if I don't eat at regular hours. Do you think this is a sign of parasites??
I finished a Master-Cleanse recently and I've been taking the P&B shakes for about 5days now. I'm also a little concerned because I missed my period and it's over 2 weeks late now. Does the cleansing have anything to do with this? I'm not sure if I even need a Colon Cleanse or maybe a liver flush? I would really like to make positive changes in regards to my health because I feel that I'm at a very good place in my life right now and I'm ready for the commitment. I also want to start a family very soon and want to have a healthy baby.
Thank you for listening and if you have any suggestions for me, I would so appreciate everything.



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