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Re: Problems - My Doc Desn't want to analyze it !!!!
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Problems - My Doc Desn't want to analyze it !!!!

Have anyone had their stones analyzed?


My Doc Desn't want to analyze it !!!!

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From: "david pascucci"
Date: Thu Mar 7, 2002 8:47 am
Subject: Re: Stones Analyzed

OK, so, I had my second appointment with my GI on Monday, and ALL the tests
showed up completely normal! (HIDA Scan, Small Bowel series) ALSO, the "green
stone" that I was having analyzed, of course, came back as FECAL MATTER. I
looked at the doctor and asked "What was it made of? Bile? Cholesterol?" and
he just said "FECAL MATTER". I asked then why is it dark-emerald shiny green
inside and almost like a hard jello? No normal fecal matter I know looks like
that. Isn't it bile? He said "Well, bile IS fecal matter". I was ready to
punch him! BUT, I just let it rest and knew from that point on I had to handle
this myself. Of course, he wrote everything off as being IBS and/or stress,
Blah, blah, blah....

I couldn't believe that it peaked absolutely no interest in him whatever to
understand WHY I would pass a dark-emerald shiny green "mass" after not eating
for 2 days and having only juice.

BUT, it doesn't matter anymore. After my 2nd flush I continue to improve with
my digestion, the pressure is MUCH less, and I don't lose my appetite for days
at a time like I had been. THANK GOD!! I also think that the Stone Free
product is a help.

You know, I don't care anymore what this stuff is coming out of me. The
cleanse is getting SOMETHING out and that in and of itself is a great
accomplishment, and HAS to be doing a lot of good for my body. We wash the
OUTSIDE of our bodies, why in the world weren't we ever told to "wash" the
INSIDES of our bodies. I'm somewhat glad I had those attacks, because it got
me started on this cleanse that I never would have done.



Date: Thu Mar 7, 2002 1:08 pm
Subject: Re: [gallstones] Re: Stones Analyzed

You said it! Took the words right out of my mouth. :) I know it had to
be frustrating when the doctor wasn't the least bit intrigued by the analysis
of the stone, but your attitude about cleansing is wonderful.

When I look back on the last 4 months (since I was told that I had to
schedule surgery) and the cleansing that I've done and the journey that I've
taken - I can also say that I'm somewhat glad I had the attacks because
otherwise I would have just continued on the path of unhealthy eating that I
had been on. And I would have undoubtedly paid for it in other ways down the

your words were inspiring - thank you! :)



Date: Thu Mar 23, 2000 4:50 am
Subject: Stones being analyzed

I have gotten my skeptical doctor to agree to analyze my "stones"
from my first flush. I should have the results tomorrow. I'm
expecting to hear that they are little balls of cholesterol and bile,
right? But, exactly, what is the composition of a true gallstone.
Anyone know?

In my continued attempts to try to save my gallbladder (I have to
wait another week to do my second flush) I think I will try the
parasite purge. I'm only familiar with Dr. H Clark's suggestions for
this...the "zapper" and the Black-Walnut Hull/Wormwood/Clove recipe.
Does anyone know of another avenue for this parasite cleansing?

I have been taking the oil/lemon drink in the AM and PM and I
feel/see no significant changes....and I'm as constipated as I ever
was! I would think this would have helped, but Nooooooo.

I still fight off nightly gallbladder attacks with light diet (no
fried foods, no fats)...but it is touch and go, to be sure. Sometimes
I think I should throw in the towel and head on down to "cut it out"

When I think about it, exactly WHY am I trying to hang on to my
diseased gall bladder? Lower incidence of Colon Cancer, I hear.
Is that true? I've had a couple older members of my family have
their gall bladders removed and they say it is no big deal! That I'm
making it a big deal...

Okay, it's late and I'm not real "up", better go to bed and stave off
another attack, hopefully! ;-) Pat in Houston


Date: Wed Mar 29, 2000 12:39 pm
Subject: Analyzing Stones

Also..just to update those interested. I really DID turn over my
"stones" on March 20 to my skeptical doctor to have analyzed..Wgat
was first, "it will take a couple days" turned into "it takes 7-10
days" and yesterday when I called for lab results, I was told they
were sent to a lab...which sent them to another lab....which sent
them to ANOTHER lab! Can you believe this. I asked if she could
place a call to find out how much longer. She called me back within
5 minutes and said it will take another 2 weeks to get these results!
UNBELIEVABLE. If I knew where to send them, (SHE couldn't give me
the name of the lab company that has them now) I would bypass
insurance coverage and just sent them off myself....will keep all
posted for further details. On this timetable and handling
alone,...what are the chances of composition change in the stones?????
Thanks. Pat


Date: Mon Apr 3, 2000 4:23 pm
Subject: Reba..

Reba,,,Congratulations on your first flush...I was quite pleased with my
first one also....and felt great the week following it! Let us know how you
feel this week.

I waited two weeks and did my second flush this past weekend. I got nothing
the second time....I will wait another 2 weeks and try it again. At that
time, I am going to ask for a second ultrasound to see if any changes are
visible from the ultrasound (I got about 70 stones out the first time)

I know you can buy pickled garlic cloves...if you have World Market's, (a
Pier One type store with more food items) they have them. It is a chain
store in can always crush it and put it on crackers/bread.
Other wise, I believe you could find them in the NOVEL food section of
grocery stores....

I still have not gotten word on the analysis on my "stones" from the
lab...have been told it will be another week....I'm expecting to hear they
are cholesterol and bile.....which is a type of gallstone...a cholesterol
stone...the other type of stone is a pigment stone, but 70% of stones are
cholesterol stones. MY questions is .... is the cholesterol from these
stones "old" stuff OR "new" stuff we just put into us after drinking all
that OIL?!! and Where does the green come from? I know one my second flush
I had nothing Green At ALL....only diarrehea (how DO you spell that word?)

Good luck and keep posting! Pat


Date: Wed Apr 12, 2000 4:23 am
Subject: Brenda...

Brenda--I had recurring pains that ultrasound verified was gallstones. I,
too, was turned over to a surgeon immy and also found myself at the website
along with MANY other websites. That all one month ago......

In the last month, I have done 2 gall bladder flushes and I cut WAY back on
fat. I now eat much more healthy...(My favorite is a spinach salad with
artichokes, tuna and cottage cheese in it and a no fat Honey Mustard dressing
that I make) I now take Lecithin, Milk Thistle and Flax Seed oil and get
lots of lemon juice in my diet, too. I can say the pain is now very
manageable and I am eating again without pain. If I do fall off the wagon
with a high fat meal....well, now, the pain is more just a mild discomfort
for 20-30 minutes.....Not the kind of pain that was keeping me tossing and
turning and wrenching at night, as it used to.

I have not take the prescribed Prevasid (originally thought my problem was
Heartburn), which did help sometimes, for over a week now.

I can only state, for me, sticking with this web site and exploring many
other sites out there on gallstones, liver, etc, not only am I much more
educated, I do still have my gall bladder (knowing that could change at any
time, though) and I eat more for health now instead of emotional

Hope this helps you. Pat


Date: Tue Apr 25, 2000 6:29 pm
Subject: FINALLY got analysis back!

After being handled by a very skeptic doctor and my "stone" being passed to 3
labs, I finally got the lab results back...Are you ready for this....I waited
1 1/2 months for THIS!

"Stone compostion consists of waxy substance".

When I offered that I had not eaten anything "waxy", and to my knowledge our
bodies do not manufacture wax, the lab technician in my doctors office,
suggested this item may not have come from my body!

Maybe the only sure fire way to find out if "stones" are actually being
flushed out is with ultrasound.....Pat

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