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Re: possible solutions to flush problems - (my personal opinions only)
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: possible solutions to flush problems - (my personal opinions only)

My ideas and opinions on how to make this work for me!
> Keep in mind I may be wrong, I am no expert.
> Problems and possible solutions to them, feel free to add your solutions. Your
> ideas could be better than mine and probably are. I think we all have the same
> concerns, so we should share our solutions and/or ideas.
> I also think people should also be more descriptive when naming their thread.
> Gallbladder cleanse as a topic does not tell much.
> The Epsom Salt thing is yucky mom!:
> I don't plan to do this if at all possible. If something tastes that yucky, I don't
> think God intends for use to put it into our mouth. Also, I was told by an herbalist,
> Epsom Salt is hard on the Kidneys Personally, I have never tried drinking the stuff,
> but I will take everyone's word for it on how horrible that it tastes.
> Recipes that include apple juice don't seem to include the Epsom salt.
> In my view, the reason for the Epsom Salt is to open up the bile ducts so that large
> stones can get out.
> My solution to this: use Liver Cleansing herbs to shrink stones so that the will be
> easier to pass. I mentioned these on another thread - dated 13:46 Apr 16. Title
> of thread: Herbs to help the cleanse to be more successful...
> Olive oil tastes yucky and makes me gag:
> possible solutions:
> 1. Put olive oil in blender with the lemon juice, blend then drink real quick
> before they separate again. This improves the taste
> 2. Try a different kind of oil next time. But always use cold pressed organic oil.
> No sense in toxifing yourself again after going to all the trouble to do a cleanse.
> I plan to try either sesame oil (That seems to be a light tasting oil), or maybe
> beef fat. (the stuff that floats on the top on beef broth). Try anything
> that does not make you gag and let us know if it worked.
> 3. If anyone knows of a light organic cold pressed olive oil and where to purchase this,
> let us all know. I think extra virgin oil is so very thick and strong tasting.
> Lemon juice burns is hard on my stomach and is so sour:
> Possible solutions:
> 1. Try Grapefruit juice
> 2. Lemon juice is supposed to work better so try a combination of the citrus's
> together. (lemon and grapefruit, orange, lime and/or possibly pineapple)
> Why wouldn't pineapple work, it is acidic? Just ideas here folks. I have never
> tried it.
> I can't use apple juice because I have candida:
> possible solutions:
> 1. skip it then
> 2. use malic acid pills
> 3. read gallbladder cleanse and candida
> Colonics/ enema/ colon flush - I don't wanna! :
> The purpose for these are to clean out the intestines so the Gallstones can get out.
> possible solution:
> skip it!
> I don't think this is necessary or natural. Personal opinion here.
> I plan to clean out my colon by eating stuff that I know will clean me out.
> God put lots of stuff on this earth that are great for that.
> ideas:
> corn
> applesauce/ apple juice
> prune juice
> I plan to use Broccoli, since I am allergic to anything else that I can think of.
> Burning Butt:
> Bile stung my butt on my first flush and gave my hemorrhoids.
> Possible solution: Unpetroleum jelly on the area to protect it.
> What to eat before flush and why:
> Avoid Fat- because when you don't eat fat the bile does not move thus creating
> pressure. When you drink the oil the bile should rush out due to extra pressure.
> so avoid meat/ dairy/ nuts/ seeds/ avocados/ garbanzo beans (all fat).
> Eat light:
> You don't want the intestines to be full of food when Gallstones are
> trying to get out.
> I would also avoid grains. They are very filling and them might contain oils??
> I would stick to fruit and veggies and veggie soup/broth.
> Sleep on this side or that:
> I really don't think it matters. You are not trying to get the oil into your gallbladder
> but to get the bile out of you gallbladder. You can swallow standing on your head so I
> don't think the gallbladder needs the help of gravity. And besides, who wakes up in the
> same position they fell asleep in.
> Afraid of messing up! "
> Just a thought:
> I read someplace, can't remember where, that the first gallbladder flushes
> where probably just purely accidental.
> The book said that probably after a long winter when food was scarce, people ate whatever
> they could find (probably fruit or veggies), then after a week or more of minimal eating and
> no animal food, someone caught a wild boar and since they were very hungry, they ate quite
> a bit of this fatty pork and wa la! Bile rushed out pushing out stones along with it, which is why
> cleanses work better in the spring. This is nature's time table. Probably their stones did not get to
> the sizes ours do, due to a better diet and yearly forced spring fasts/flushes.
> Mary
> I have found that sucking on a NICE cough drop immediately after taking the epson salt helps greatly to eliminate the nausiating effect. Most of the naseau is caused by the smell and a cough drop
covers the smell. Also a little vicks vaporub in the nose helps.

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