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Re: Second flush and AGAIN no noticeable stones???
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Second flush and AGAIN no noticeable stones???

> Can anyone give me some insight as to why I would not pass anything in two flushes?

sometimes people just don't pass the stones easily.
Sometimes, people don't have stones.
Liver can be ill and without stones.

Sometimes, liver is in poor health that it takes months before you get to the point to pass stones.

There could be many reasons for you not passing stones.

Take some time to do parasites cleanse, and to improve your diet.

Juicing, good fats, herbs that stimulates bile flow, lecithin, flax seed oil, olive oil, balanced diet, physical activity, ...

There are many possible things you can do.

Read the story below. Jeanne Marie did 3 cleanses without results. After few months she start passing stones and improving her health.
You can find this story in the archive of Gallstones group at

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 14:04:47 EDT
Subject: [gallstones] Clueless in Stones

Hi all.
Thank you Dusan for leading me here to this wonderful place. I have a question for anyone with knowledge.

I have done the Hulda Clark method of Liver Cleansing twice.
The first time (about a month ago) I passed what looked like an entangled mess of fishing line.

Terrible I know. I had been on a parasite cleanse for two months and thought I had killed everything, I guess I was wrong. Also, the night I did the cleanse I felt very very sick.....I needed to throw up, but restrained with all my might. I did not see any stones.

Last night I did another cleanse....this time I had diarrhea in the middle of the night.

(The first time I don't think the epson salts helped my bowels at all....the only time I went to the bathroom was to pass the parasites). Anyhow, I don't think I saw any stones again. Luckily, no parasites either. However,

I was wondering how big are these stones? Tiny, visible, large? I saw flecks of whitish tan substance, but really not much of anything floating on the surface.

Also, I have a constant slight uncomfortable feeling on my right side....(I am guessing my liver or gallbladder)....Did I stir something up? It is not painful, just uncomfortable. Perhaps I have a giant stone wedged in there?

What to do now?
Thanks in advance!
Jeanne Marie

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 20:16:12 EDT
Subject: [gallstones] Frustrated

I have tried three unsuccessful liver cleanses. The first one I passed nothing but parasites and felt very ill.

The second time I passed one very light tan stone.

The third time I passed a few tan stones, but none green and very few.

What am I doing wrong?

I am following Hulda Clark 's method to a tee.

The last two times, though I did not get sick, I felt very tired and had a terrible headache.

Can anyone help???:


Message: 3
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 00:17:34 EST
Subject: Re: Re: Cleanses really eliminating stones?

Hi all,
Just a note about my experiences. I have had tons of bowel problems....and I have been shrugged off by most doctors as "Crohns Disease" or "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", both of which have no cure and very little help available.
I also had a terrible endocrine disorder, a borderline diabetic state (resulting in Polycystic ovaries), lowered immunity......etc. I researched so many things and tried so many remendies....the best one, was the day I gave up sugar. If there is a thing such as a Sugar allergy, I must have it.

Regardless, I have had liver pain and yellowness of the skin on and off. One ultrasound showed no stones. HOWEVER, my brother had terrible pain (thought he was dieing) and went to the hospital on three occasions. All three times they told him his gallbladder was fine. The fourth time he refused to leave until they found out what was wrong with him or put him out of his misery.

His internist came did a fourth ultrasound and asked when he had his
gallbladder removed. When he said he hadn't, they operated immediately. His gallbladder's blood supply had been cut off by massive stones and shriveled up to nothing.

Some dependable ultrasound.

Also, I did three cleanses and never got anything out. Frustrated, I was lead to Julia and her wondrous Gold Coin Grass (however, apple juice all day works well too!)
A congested liver packed with stones or debris will not eliminate stones.

This is important! I ate on apple products all day. I drank tons of apple juice.

AND the first time I took the epson salts I passed stones! This was even before I drank the oil concoction. The next morning I passed even more and I felt GREAT!

So, if the diet and cleanse are to blame...I am here to tell you , it is not the oil, because I passed stones before I even drank the oil and grapefruit/lemon.

Just my two or three cents,

Message: 3
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 10:52:52 EST
Subject: Re: A "Healthy" Experience

I feel the same way! I, too had put my entire trust into physician after physician seeking out some alternative or answer to my health problems.

I was diagnosed as having endometriosis and surgery was the only answer.

(however, women who had the surgery suggested it only helped for a few months and then it was back to the operating room.

Usually ONCE a year!!!!!!!)

A few years later, a modified diet, a yearly parasite and liver
cleanse.......and life has never been better!


Date: Thu Dec 30, 1999 4:46 pm
Subject: Re: How can they POSSIBLY?

Try drinking lots of apple juice/cider the day before and the day of the
Apple juice works wonders in breaking down stones.
I had such a congested liver I could not get any stones out successfully with
the cleanse. After four tries, I used the apple juice and the stones come
out in little pieces. Drink as much as you can.
Also, check out Julia Chang's website concerning Chinese herbs. She has been
so helpful to me and sells a product that dissolves the stones and another to
help cleanse the liver (Gold Coin Grass, Chinese Bitters)
Besides having great products, she will answer questions for you and is very
Best of luck, it is possible!

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2000 6:22 pm
Subject: Help

I don't know what is wrong with me, but maybe someone can help.
The first few times I attempted a cleanse, nothing came out. Julia wrote me
privately and her Gold Coin Grass along with lots of apple juice FINALLY
helped me move stones. However, not many. (maybe 50-70).

I have since tried the cleanse and all I get out is 5 or so.
This is the problem. I have reoccurring nausea (sometimes with violent 15
hour vomiting). But usually for a few months every day I am struck with mild

Not bad enough to make me throw up, but bad enough to make me stop what I am
doing to fight it off. It comes in waves every 1/2 hour all day, every day
for about a month or so. One day it went away. Now, three months later it
is back.

Also I notice at night that I can not sleep on my side (pain from the right
side) A dull muscle strain kind of hurt. Also, I seem to belch a lot. A
whole lot.

I have had an ultrasound, a lower scope, an upper scope, a barium drink and
xray.....and nothing has been found. They want to do another ultrasound.
I am at my wits end and am at the point where if I thought taking my
gallbladder out would help, I would do it myself!!!!!!!!

I am afraid to do another cleanse, when I feel so bad. I can't eat regular
food like this, I surely couldn't do a cleanse.
Any ideas?


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