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Over 6,000 "Stones" with 10 Flushes
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Published: 18 years ago
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Over 6,000 "Stones" with 10 Flushes

Hello Fellow Flushers,

I have been fighting high Cholesterol levels for over eight years. I was put on Zocor in 1997. In 2001 my liver enzymes had increased to SGOT(AST) 114 and SGPT (ALT) 101, normal for both being (0-40). I had been on Zocor for two and a half years at this time and because my Liver Enzymes had elevated, I was taken off the Zocor, Thus an immediate increase in Cholesterol to 351.

I was diagnosed with a Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver and Galstones in August of 2003. My sonogram showed three stones in the Gall Bladder. Fortunately I lucked on to this website immediately after the diagnosis.

After my first flush, even though I took the Ornithine capsules, as soon as I laid down my eyes popped open and I didn't sleep all night. I found no stones the next day and began to doubt the validity of the process. The next evening, I felt pressure in the Gall Bladder area and when I felt below my right ribs, I felt a lump which moved from right to left to my sternam and disappeared. After my second flush I experienced the same thing with two lumps. I decided to take another dose of Epsom Salts that night to keep my bowels loose and the next day I passed 120 "stones". All the soft green kind (I call them GCG's, Green Cholesterol Globs); I never found any hard calsified stones. I have been flushing for five months now and have flushed well over 6,000 "GCG's".
The count peaked with approximately 1,500 on my 7th flush.
They have started declining since then. I hope I will have clean flushes sometime soon.

Prior to starting the flushes my numbers were:
Cholesterol 317, SGOT(AST) 170 and SGPT (ALT) 153
After 4 flushes the numbers dropped some:
Cholesterol 273, SGOT(AST) 119 and SGPT (ALT) 109

This wasn't enough to say it was totally successful, but it was encouraging. The numbers decreased equivelant to what they decreased after two months on a low fat no cholesterol diet I had been put on prior to being put on Zocor.
I am looking forward to seeing what my next blood work results will show. I also hope to have a clean Gall Bladder scan. Won't that throw the Liver Specialist in a tailspin since he has already suggested a Gall Bladder removal.

I also want to share some experiences with the Liver Flushes
that might help others.

I did the parasite Cleanse prior to starting the process just in case but did not find any parasites except possibly a few Liver Flukes (not sure, they were about 1/2 inch long and pointed on both ends).

I did my own version of the Kidney Flush. I tried sitting in the bathtub and eating the Watermelon and found it very uncomfortable. I took my watermelon, cut it up and processed it in the blender with the seeds. Then I strained the juice to get the gritty ground up seed hulls out. (If you have a juicer, that would do a good job.) I then drank the juice all day and it did a good flush. I guess if I had experienced pain with a kidney stone, then I would have sat in the tub of hot water to help pass it.

I started out by eating the suggested dry baked potatoe for lunch prior to the flush, but after a while I started feeling queasy just thinking about eating another one.
I switched to frozen broccolli, cauliflour and carrots slatthered with fat-free "Smart-Squeeze" Margerine. Much more enjoyable. The Margerine does not contain any fat or cholesterol to cause the Gall Bladder to contract pre-maturely.

I have also experimented with the substitute for Epsom Salts and water drink. The first time I squeezed the grapefruit and added lemon juice. It was probably the very best, since I didn't mind the taste. It just took too much time to mess with that many grapefruits. I tried the canned and bottled grapefruit juice concentrates and they made me sick. My best results have been with the Ocean Spray Coctail Pink Grapefruit with Tangerene. It is convenient and you can add the lemon juice or citric acid to cut the Epsom Salts Bitterness. I have also discovered that if you can tolerate salt, add one teaspoon table salt to your 3 cups of juice to cut the bitterness of the Epsom Salts. That is only 1/4 tsp salt per dose and that has been the best for me. It doesn't seem to affect the results of the flush either.

I still use only real grapefruit and olive oil for the flush.

After reading most of the other "recipes", one of the other things I do is always lay on my right side after drinking the olive oil/grapefruit concoction. This makes sense since the "stones" float and that puts you in a position where the Gall Bladder duct is above the Gall Bladder and the "stones" would float upward into the duct. I have found it really makes no difference if you fall asleep immediately or not. There have been many times when I have had to get up two or three times during the night to go to the bathroom because of the epsom salts acting. I do try to stay on my right side and be perfectly still most of the night.

These changes have not seemed to affect the results of my flushes, but they have made the ritual a little easier for me. Hope they may be beneficial to others.

Well here's hoping that my next Blood Tests prove to be much lower and my Gall Bladder Scan free of Stones. I hope that for all of you as well.


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