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Re: Are Epsom Salts Safe?

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Are Epsom Salts Safe?

Yes it actually relaxes things more, the magnesium in it does the trick. Most of us don't get enough magnesium, especially the "typical american diet" so it's good nutritionally too.

People differ in opinion about this. That's okay. Some say they like it. Some say they don't. And some just say "it's no good" or "it's bad for you" without explaining why. Sometimes I wonder how many of them are saying this because they just don't like the taste, but what they SAY is "it's bad." In other words, they take their OPINION of it and then go around expressing it as if it were a FACT or the "gospel truth" or something. Just one of those funny little things that I wonder about, sometimes. :)

Even if I were one who doesn't like it, I would keep a box around anyway, for emergencies. Magnesium relaxes muscles and tissues, it "gives them what they need." So to answer your question, I don't think you have anything to worry about. If anything it might help. Once in a while, someone will have a stone that gets stuck during a flush, or just during the normal course of their life. This is rare, but it happens. The pain is killing them, so they rush off to the emergency room and of course the doctor says there is nothing he can do, and you need surgery. So they cut out your gallbladder, or other parts of you. And to think this might all have been avoided with 3 cents worth of Epsom Salts to relax the ducts and let it pass through. I don't know about anybody else, but this sounds like a good thing, to me. It's too bad that we no longer know about the simple wisdom that our ancestors had... a sad commentary on "modern life."

In the end, you will just have to try it and see if it works for you. That's the yardstick to measure it by. But judge it on what it does, not on how it tastes. I'm not crazy about the taste, either, but it's not all that bad... I can think of a lot worse things in life.

It doesn't taste like a strawberry milkshake or a prime-rib steak, I'll grant you that. But it's not all that bad, either. For me, it actually makes me feel better, a little more relaxed, like it's feeding my cells something good, and they like it. After the first swallow or two I really don't taste it much anyway. It takes 10 ot 20 seconds to chug down a tablespoon of Epsom Salt in a cup or a pint of water, and it's all over with. Big deal. :)

Look at the labels on all the brands of multivitamins sometime... it's hard to find one that has enough mag in it, most of them are not even close. I went to my health food store and after looking at roughly 25 different brands of multivitamins, I found 2 that had any decent amount of mag in them. Interesting, huh?

Look at it like a buffet or a smorgasboard...CureZone is like a big buffet:

There's people "over here" saying that the buttered noodles with parsley is better than anything else. There's people "over there" saying that the fried chicken is better. Over in the corner we have some folks saying that the mashed potatoes are better, and there's one guy standing over there by the ice-cream machine, and he says that's the best... especially with chocolate syrup on it. And don't forget that "weird" guy, either... he says that the meatloaf is the best thing, except on Thursdays... whet it's better off to go with the baked fish. Now I'm getting REALLY confused! :) What to do?

Try it for yourself. Different things work at different times, and for different people.

Keep some little notes for yourself and do it methodically, is the only thing I would suggest. (Or just type it out and document it here on the forums... that's what I do.) Trying to remember six months from now, "just exactly what was it that I did that one time..." so you can repeat it, or learn from it and "make a connection" can be very frustrating. It's easy to end up "going around in circles" so have a plan or a method to it. You will chart out what works for you, and then you know what works FOR YOU. Priceless...

And then of course you become one of those people over there at the buffet line... saying that the green beans are better... with sour cream and chives... but only if it's after five o'clock at night... on Tuesdays...


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