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Milk & Cancer
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Published: 19 years ago
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Milk & Cancer

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Before you stop reading, please note that Robert M. Kradjian, MD – the author of this letter - is the Breast Surgery Chief Division of General Surgery, at the Seton Medical Centre #302 - 1800 Sullivan Ave. in Daly City, CA! What in the world do you suppose inspired Dr. Kradjian to write such a letter as this! You may have already guessed it. The good Doctor obviously suspected what others have found – that there is a definite link between breast cancers and dietary fats. The real problem in regard to the dietary fats and breast cancers, all boils down to the bacteria involved. TO BE SPECIFIC, THE MILK FATS CAN CONTAIN “DRUG RESISTANT BACTERIA,” and the DRUG RESISTANT BACTERIA have the ability to ACTUALLY transfer DNA’s! At one time in the past, they called these tiny little packets of DNA, “episomes.” An “episome” is a tiny packet of DNA which contains all the information for setting up some new (various) DRUG RESISTANT FEATURES! Hence, when the MILK FATS contain DRUG RESISTANT BACTERIA that are able to transfer episomes (i.e., key drug resistance-information in a DNA packet,) and this is passed into a cell - that cell will become drug resistant! In fact, that’s exactly what a cancer cell is – it’s a hybrid cell that grows into a “hybrid cell line,” simply because the “episome’s DNA” takes over the normal control mechanisms of the initial cell! It is the same “type of DNA transfer operation” that causes each different case of the leukemia – even while every individual who develops leukemia is genetically different – but all this is not quite adequately understood as noted above in Dr. Kradjian’s letter. He is not aware that the MILK FATS CONTAIN “DRUG-RESISTANCE BACTERIA THAT HAVE THE ABILITY TO TRANSFER THEIR DRUG RESISTANCE, OR DNA CODES” and the transfer or passing of these trans-DNA modules” is responsible for many different forms of cancers, leukemias, lymphomas, and other diseases! Once one understand the nature of the drug resistant bacteria - that- linked with the fact that almost every cancer and tumor known is (strangely) “drug resistant,” becomes an explanation that fully explains what causes every cancer and tumor known to man. In brief – this discovery sums up a great many diseases, under the single heading of “DNA Transfer Diseases,” according to Bruce D. McKay. Mr. McKay is the originator of this term. For further reading, more in regard to this is found in the web page by Bruce D. McKay. If you can put 2 and 2 together . . . after reading this you need to go to and you will immediately find that all this fully explains every tumor and every cancer known to man!


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