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Rice Bran has Strong Anti-Cancer Properties.

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Published: 19 years ago
Status:       RN [Message recommended for CureZone Newsletter!]

Rice Bran has Strong Anti-Cancer Properties.

I've been eating a spoonful of rice bran in my mid-day yogurt for years.

I know that rice bran contains a vast array of healing nutrients, some of which I'll mention later in this post.

But only recently did I learn that rice bran is the CORE INGREDIENT in three of the most popular and well-respected, anti-cancer supplements on the alternative health market: IP-6, AHCC, and MGN3. IP-6 also contains a healthy dose of Inositol, part of the B-complex group. And AHCC and MGN3 contain medicinal mushrooms, like Shi_take and maitake.

However, what struck me in a moment of epiphany, was that ALL THREE of these cutting-edge supplements, are built around an extract of rice bran! Suddenly, my mid-day yogurt looked an tasted a whole lot better than it had.

I am NOT saying that stabiized rice bran, in its cereal form, will arrest or reverse cancer. What I AM saying is that a spoonfu of rice bran seems to me like a pretty good bet to help PREVENT cancer. That's presuming, of course, that you're doing most things right when it comes to food, drinks, exercise, and stress-avoidance.

Rice bran is the brown coating between the rice kernel and the protective hull. Brown rice still has a thin layer of rice bran around the seed. White rice has none. That's why white rice is a nutritionally dead food. Like all dead foods, white rice has a long shelf life. And that, alas, is the only factor that most food-producing companies care about: not your life or my life, but shelf life!

I buy my rice bran at Whole Foods Market. The brand name is ENER-G, and an 8 oz. box costs about $3.00. No, I do not work for ENER-G or Whole Foods Market or anyone else! There are lots of sources of stabilized rice bran on the Internet, as well as rice bran oil. I hope that other CureZone regulars will post their suppliers.

And now for some other healing nutrients in rice bran. Most of this information comes from the third edition of Paul Pitchford's wonderful book.

HEALING WITH WHOLE FOODS, pp. 12-17. Here we go:

1) Aside from cancer protection, rice bran also contains over 70 anti-oxidants that can protect against cellular damage.

2) Rice bran has been shown to bolster the vitality of the internal organs, especially the adrenals, thymus, spleen, and thyroid, which increase in size and exhibit additional anti-stress effects.

3) Rice bran has rather remarkable effects on lowering high blood-sugar levels. It also produces a calming effect; a food which can foster serenity.

4) Rice bran contains healthy amounts of Alpha lipoic acid, SOD, and Coenzyme Q10. The first is used to retore the liver, the second, SOD, is used to treat cataracts, rheumatism, and osteo-arthritis, and the third, CO Q10, is a widely- respected supplement for all kinds of heart disease.

5) Rice bran contains Gamma-Oryzanol, a powerful anti-oxidant, that helps convert fat to muscle. Rice bran is the ONLY food which contains this nutrient in meaningful amounts.

6) Rice bran contains GPx, an enzyme, anti-oxidant, that reduces mucus, boosts respiratory function, and helps detoxify the body.

7) Rice bran is a valuable source of lecithin, a substance that our brains need to function properly. Lecithin makes up 30 percent of the dry-weight of your brain and mine.

I could go on, but the wise among you won't need any more convincing. I strongly suggest that you ALL add a dollop of rice bran to your daily eating regimen. It just might help you stay hale and hearty will into the autumn and winter of your lifetme. I hope so!



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