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Published: 19 years ago
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I can't believe there are also people in the same situation like my aunt. She discovered a lump in November 2003. She refused any kind of treatment and diagnosis,but rapid growth of the cancer indicates it may be cancerous. Throughout the months tumour continued to grow and skin became more thinner. Around January 2004 the overlaying skin broke and pus started coming out.Some kind of crusty scar has formed above,but pus and bloody discharge is coming out constantly..She has a bandage over it,and changes it every few hours because of the pus and the blood. She desinfects the place with Hydrogen peroxide 3%.What does your wife use for desinfection? It is a opened wound now,and she keeps it far away from water because she is afraid of infection. Does your wife shower normally? Looking through the web I found about CANSEMA, an echarotic salve,thas is being put on top of the cancer and apparently dethaches tumour from the souranding healthy tissue and after some time,depending on the size of the tumour ,the tumour falls off, leaving hole in the tissue,that can be very well healed with minor scares. It is supposedly 100% succesfull with skin cancer,but is also used for breast cancer. There are were convinceing pictures of the process. The main intergredient is Blood-root. Alpha-Omega labs,the producers of Cansema were baned by the FDA for longer distribution of the salve.I live in Croatia,a here it is hard to find alternative cancer products. I managed to find pulvered Burdrock in Londonand some other herbs,and made some variation off the salve,by some recipe I found one the web,but I think it is to mild..My aunt used it but it only made wound bigger,but nothing has fallen out yet. I am thinking of ordering some variation of the salve through the Internet. I think I will order the TUMOR X PASTE- sent an e-mail to Alpha-Omega labs and they told me it was the most similar to Cansema.The website has many interesting pictures of people curing cancer with the paste. I wonder if anyone has used black salve for the breast cancer,and what were their results. I suggest site great testimonials here.
The escharotic process can be painfull,but I think that enduring this pain is nothing compared with being cured of cancer.

My aunt is doing many other alternative treatments also. She turned to:
vegetarian diet-lots of vegetable juices,whole grains soya products-tofu,miso
sea algae-hijiki,kombu,wakame and japanese mushrooms-maitake, *%#&§?ß* ake-very potent anticancer food
raw vegetables-cauliflower,brocolli,carrots,cabbage..
fruit-especially RASPBERRIES-high in ELLAGIC ACID with 100% CACAO POWDER-high in cancer-fighting polyfenols and other berries
BUDWIG DIET- 2-3times a week with low-fat cottage cheese,and on other days with soya milk,bananas,fruit,cooked cabbage and garlic(high in sulphur-proteins) because she is afraid that dairy can support tumor growth.
BARLEY GREEN(GREEN MAGMA)-3 times a day 30 minutes before meal
ESSIAC TEA-2 times a day ,in the morning and before going to sleep
BIOBRAN (MGN-3) 2-3 grams/day
Q 10- 300 mg /day
VITAMIN C- 3-4 grams/day
APRICOT KERNELS-10 kernels a day (i realize that it is suggested for cancer patients as high as 50 kernels a day,but I am afraid of toxic effect of cyanids)
AEROBIC OXYGEN-20 drops with liquid- I'm thinking of ordering some other GOOD PRODUCT for body oxigenation like HYDROXIGEN PLUS-does anyone knows of some good oxigenation product?)
LOTS OF WATER!!-very important for oxigenation
MSM (Twinlabs)-for alkalizing
BROCCOLIN-Bromelain extract
GREEN TEA etc...
I'm thinking of ordering ELLAGIC ACID,but can't decide what product is the best. Has anyone used HTN'S ELLAGIC ACID?

Please keep me informed,I will send you information about how my aunt is doing, especially when she starts using TUMORX PASTE. It is sad that doctors won't operate your wife without her consent for chemotherapy. In my point of view operation is the easiest way to get rid of the primary tumour,the next step would be changing life-style and using alternative methods to prevent cancer of coming back. During that time I would suggest regularly going on checkups to see how are you responding to every alternative treatment and then choose the right one for you. Find some test,at least blood tumour markers test to monitor your state. I can't get my aunt to take a simple blood test,because she is afraid what it will say,and she is as it is ,convinced it is cancer. That is very frustarting for her and all of our family. I understand it is stupid and may be a benign condition, but because of it's agressive look, it may be cancer also. If I were in her place,I would get diagnosis and then use my fear as energy to fight the disease with all means.

I wish you and your wife all the best.
God bless you.


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