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I have seen this alternate cure work

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Published: 17 years ago
Status:       RN [Message recommended for CureZone Newsletter!]

I have seen this alternate cure work

A friend had lung cancer, started chemo but at the same time I suggested to him this treatment mixing cold-pressed flaxseed oil (high lignin) with a protein based substance such as cottage cheese. He started taking this and in 3 months his cancer completely disappeared. The docs thought it was due to the chemo and kept him on the chemo and then radiation despite the fact that contd tests showed absolutely no evidence of the tumor. Finally after about 7 mos of chemo, he developed a clot in his leg completely a result of the chemo, and the docs said he had to get off the flaxseed oil b/c they put him on anti'coaglants and the flaxseed also works as a blood-thinner, so he had to get off according to the docs (even though it says you have to stay on the oils for 3-5 yrs). 2 months after quitting the oils, the cancer returned full-force. He wanted to take the oils but the docs wouldn't let him b/c he was still on the blood-thinners. They said well we cured you before, we'll do it again with the chemo. They put him back on but it didn't work, the cancer got worse and worse. Finally he told me to hell with these docs and was going on the oils anyway but he was so sick by then he couldn't keep the oils down and he died 2 months later. Now my accountant also got lung cancer at only 42 yrs old, the tumor was the size of a grapefruit. They started also with the chemo, very strong, but she stayed on the oils from the beginning as well. Her tumor is reduced to almost nothing and the docs think the cells might be dead but have to take tests. The problem is they have her on this chemo pill now which they say she has to take for 5 yrs, and she keeps getting sick of pneumonia or other things, which in my opinion is from the damn chemo, she has no immune system left, and she doesn't have the strength to travel to the US to take the test. But I'm not a doc and can't tell her to go off it. The only thing I am 100% certain is that its the oils that saved her, her tumor was huge and very aggressive. Also, for both of them, neither had ANY symptoms from the chemo, each of them were the only persons in their respective cancer units NOT to have lost a drop of hair, nor lost weight, etc, none even looked sick, although my acct b/c she was under such heavy chemo, she was tired a lot, and they also had her on steroids? so she was swollen much of the time. I hope she comes through this. If anyone is interested in this, let me know, or you can google search Dr. Johanna Budwig and read up about it, she was nominated for 7 noble awards. There is no profit in this b/c it is completely natural. The drug companies don't want cures, otherwise they lose their profits, it's so obvious, I get sick thinking of it.

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