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Medical Ozone Therapies: 50 Years of Overlooking a Proven Answer for Diseases like Cancer, and now AIDS
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Published: 19 years ago
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Medical Ozone Therapies: 50 Years of Overlooking a Proven Answer for Diseases like Cancer, and now AIDS

Medical Ozone Therapies: 50 Years of Overlooking a Proven Answer for Diseases like Cancer, and now AIDS

Testimony of Ed McCabe before the National Institute of Health Office of Unconventional Medicine. Presented June 18, 1992 at NIH in Bethesda, MD.

Oxygen Therapies have been in use medically for over 100 years. The basis of the therapies is quite simple. Ultimately, toxicity collects within the body over time. This buildup of toxicity can have physical, emotional, and behavioral co-factors which must also be addressed. The buildup of toxicity within the body invites the proliferation of anaerobic disease causing microorganisms. Oxygen therapies are used to flood the body with active forms of oxygen. When the body becomes safely saturated with these special forms of oxygen, it reaches a state of purity wherein the disease microorganisms (like HIV) are killed, and the underlying toxicity is oxidized and eliminated.

Healthy human cells love oxygen, but since the harmful viruses are
anaerobic, once these viruses are surrounded with active forms of oxygen they must die. Active forms of oxygen also eliminate any cells with the virus hiding inside them, since unlike healthy cells, they no longer are able to protect themselves from oxidation with the body´s natural

Once the viruses and bacteria are all killed, the patient´s immune system is then rebuilt with vitamin, mineral, and if needed, behavioral modification and other therapies. In this way diseases like AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis are being eliminated, or at least controlled on the international scene, and within the U.S. medical underground.

Ozone therapy is one of the oxygen therapies. Over 5,000 medical ozone generators have been sold in Europe and are presently in use by as many doctors worldwide.

Ozone is not smog. It is a clear gas (O3) mad from pure medical oxygen (O2). By bypassing the lungs, specific concentrations and volumes of ozone gas made from pure oxygen are readily applied to the body fluids and tissues through intravenous infusions without any harm, usually during a minimum treatment schedule consisting of application every day for 21 days in a row. The medical ozone breaks down into various oxygen subspecies which destroy (oxidize) anaerobic viruses, microbes, or diseased cells, and yet leave the normal healthy cells alone. The standard 21 day minimum treatment requirement is being challenged by recent developments, notably in the field of ozone generation equipment and other protocol refinements.

Ozone therapy was used medically in the U.S. by Nikola Tesla (the inventor of neon lights) in 1900. It has been in continual use since then in our country, but due to legal pressures from our FDA, ozone is presently only widely used in Europe. Ozone therapies are among the safest therapies ever used. One European study of over 5.5 million treatments showed a side effect rate of .0007%, probably among the lowest of any therapy known. Side effects like fever and weakness are minor an temporary. M.D.´s characterize ozone as "blatantly non-toxic". When the proper protocols are followed, ozone has been proven highly effective in the treatment, and elimination, of over 40 common diseases. There are about 300 doctors in the U.S. daily using some form of oxygen therapies today.

I have kept in continual contact with 6 U.S. MD´s who, independent of each other, have collectively reported bringing over 300 AIDS patients to HIV negative status, (using Western Blot, ELISA and PCR) including complete eradication of any secondary disease factors such as energy loss, weight loss, diarrhea, etc. I have also interviewed many AIDS patients who have been getting ozone therapy on their own, and all those who followed good protocols reported an immediate increase in energy, weight gain, and T Cell stabilization of increase in a few weeks.

The biggest problem is that in 1976 the FDA declared ozone a "toxic gas with no medical uses" via publication in the Federal Register. I have written that: "Printing this statement in a publication paid for with our taxes is either a blatant attempt at suppression of truth from the highest levels, or one of the poorest research jobs ever done. It obviously favors competitive drug therapies, and ignores well over 50 years of safe and effective medical use on hundreds of thousands of humans; backed up with medical references and clinical studies in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the U.S."

Although legally, ozone is believed by some to be "grand fathered" since its use in U.S. medicine predates the existence of the FDA itself, no one has tested this position in court. So, the FDA (and the state medical agencies and boards that take their lead from the FDA) are actively persecuting any physician using ozone.

Under these prevailing "siege" type conditions I could get non of the U.S. doctors who have achieved great successes with ozone therapy to com here today to the NIH. When asked to appear, the doctors all reacted in fear of the government, fear of the loss of their licenses, and fear of being raided and cleaned out by SWAT teams in the same way that Dr. Jonathan Wright and other MD´s have been treated most recently. Upon inquiry, I commonly heard:
"I´m not ready to appear; Don´t mention my name!; The doctor already fled the country; I´m scared to death they´ll take away my license."

On the bright side, if immunity from state, federal, agency, and medical board prosecution could be assured, these humanitarian doctors would gladly make available their knowledge for the public good. I stand ready to do the same, and submit to you the attached chronological history of U.S. medical ozone therapy to date.

Conclusion: Due to many interview I have conducted, it is my opinion that the AIDS problem has been solved. Everyone wants data. That data already exists. The government won´t let people research or use harmless ozone therapy. If we can get ozone using doctors immunity from prosecution, within 90 days from the start of open legal, clinical trials, the only thing left to do would be to implement this already existing solution.

This is a condensed part of a larger chronology found in Ed McCabe´s new ozone book. His first work, the self published bestseller "Oxygen Therapies" has sold over 40,000 copies by word of mouth.

About Mr. McCabe: Ed McCabe is an investigative journalist and leading international author, speaker, and lay expert on the subject of "Oxygen

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