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Re: Betulinic Acid
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Betulinic Acid


Betulinic acid (sp?) is derived from white birch bark, I believe.
When my mother had nodular malignant melanoma, I called the first research scientist who was doing clinical trials with betulinic acid and asked him to get some to me on a compassionate basis but he was unable to.

6 or so years have passed since and I don't know who's doing the research now but why don't you have a go at whoever is? Perhaps because the trials are no longer preliminary, you may succeed.

What I ended up doing (and I am NOT recommending this) was to obtain some strong white birch extract which I mixed with a few drops of DMSO (SEE WARNINGS!!!), then applied directly to her very very large melanoma tumor.

So far as results go, it's hard for me to say. My mother's case was very advanced and she needed a whole program. Just using the extract/dmso, the tumor definitely became necrotic where it was applied but I can't say whether it was the extract, the dmso or the sheer size of the tumor blocking the uppermost cells from the necessary blood supply or a combination.

Because she really didn't want any part of what the doctor hadn't ordered, I couldn't bring a herbalist or naturopath to her bedside which would have been most helpful.

If you have to go it on your own like I did, don't even think about buying a herbal formula cracked out by some huge producer straight off the shelves (birch is hard to find anyhow).

I finally found some that was very strong and hand-crafted -- I'm almost sure I got it from Neal's Yard in London and had it shipped to ny. At that time, I was able to buy pints of extract in big blue bottles from them for a reasonable price, but they have since started selling online and perhaps mass-produce now. Whatever alternative therapies you decide to try, it's always best to call and talk to a live person, preferably an actual herbalist, etc. strangers at most alternative places were extremely kind to me when I told them it was for my mother's cancer; someone may well point you to just what you need or a different therapy that may be more successful.

I don't know whether or not you're considering chemo or other therapies that wreak havoc on the body. I feel funny telling you this as I choose not to have chemo myself.
But with some strains of melanoma I believe it does help; my husband's ex-wife's sister is still doing really well, cancer free, after having surgery, then chemo for a melanoma ten years ago which is pretty good, as melanoma is supposedly more virulent when it surfaces at a younger age.

Also, check out genetic vaccines, if you haven't already. When my mother was at Mount Sinai there was a new program in which melanoma patients were injected with their own modified tumor cells. Success with vaccines was very hit & miss at that time; I recall reading in medical journals and abstracts that the same vaccine that would turn one patient completely around, often did nothing for other patients in the same trial. One case that sticks out in my mind was an unnamed Czech woman whose melanoma had mestasized into every one of her major organs who'd been about to die, got the shot, and was just fine, while other patients far less ill responded to far lesser degrees.

I hope I'm not getting you down. I know we're talking about needles in haystacks, in terms of finding the right route, but at least with vaccine therapy, side effects are very few and if it doesn't work you can go try something else.

I've just started taking Ellagic INsurance Formula myself and am giving it to my dog who has bone cancer as well. Only 72 hours so far but it has absolutely and noticeably decreased the size of the very hard mass growing in his jawbone. (my cancer's internal so it will take longer to tell). I've also just ordered Cesium Chloride and I am very interested in a cover all the bases alternative cancer therapy, the Kurasawa kocktail for cancer which I recently found on another alternative absolutely not for profit not selling squat website (at least I know the Curezone's not totally alone in that regard). I put the link in an earlier post. I think it was -- some kind of Dr. presides, a scientist, and the formulas are tweaked and adjusted for the kind of cancer an individual has. There are some impressive successes with cancer and aids, bearing in mind they're only testimonials. At least you can get to the actual person who was supposedly about to die, which you can't do with programs such as You can't Improve on God.

But back to using DMSO just in case you do. I recently found out I was not nearly as careful in handling it as I should have been from my friend Tim who is a research biochemist working on possible cancer therapies at one of the big pharmaceutical firms.
He says that in laboratory, injecting mice with just dmso can cause normal cells to mutate and become carcinogenic. Also, he pointed out that you can't just spill a bit on your fingers, etc. and just let it dry, which is what I did, because anything that touches the area where the dmso is/was gets a free pass to go straight into your bloodstream.
He didn't tell me not to use it, just said I should use it far more sparingly (once I saw how it disolved stuff I used it for a variety of frivol, such as 'potentiating' a grow-your-own breasts formula with estrogenic herbs I'd mix up myself).

Certainly, had I known, I wouldn't have slathered it on then wrestle my great big dogs all over the floor.

I wish you all the best and although I have anonymized my user-name in the forum if you need help we can email each other.

Love, Peace and HEALTH!

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