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Re: Yoda...I have a question...
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Yoda...I have a question...

Hello Kathryn101 goes..
my average daily routine when I was taking the full doses of Pau and Essiac ( I still take both at the maintenance level...)
I would start with Essiac as soon as I got up...(2 oz) then after about an hour or so ( because Essiac is best on an empty stomach ) I would have fresh juice.. pineapple, ( rich source of bromelane) , grapefruit, orange , lemon, kiwi and apple...I mix it with Vital greens ( similar to greens + etc ...concentrated plant extracts that make your body more alkaline...) I would also start drinking the Pau d'arco...I averaged 7-8 cups per day of Pau d'arco spread out through the day when tumours were still present...try to drink some on an empty stomach but its hard when you are drinking that many cups....and not imperative as with the essiac. I tried to eat mostly wholegrains, lots of veggies and salads etc...I would recommend the book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin....I used it as my eating guidline.... it even has recipes...I tried to get some exercise everyday...even if it was just a short walk or stretching etc...( I find the morning juice really gives an energy boost)....
I took another 2 oz of essiac mid afternoon...and another before bed...6 oz total per day...and really try to get in all those cups of Pau d'arco...that is what really made my tumours shrink fast ( they were in my stomach and liver)...I juice again in the evening ...this one tastes awful but is very nutritious...and full of anti-cancer compounds...Cabbage, carrot, celery. garlic , ginger and an apple to try and make it palatable ( I am a big believer in the powers of raw garlic...)
I also took garlic capsules, Vit C, Vit E , lecithin, a good multi-mineral/vitamin,and maitake mushroom. I tried MGN 3 and if you can afford it I personally think it is a very worthwhile supplement...I also tried live enzymes but found they upset my stomach to much...
I briefly tried a macro diet when first diagnosed but found it too strict...I simply lost all interest in food and lost a lot of weight fast....I am afraid I Have a terrible sweet tooth and enjoy my food...luckily my wife is very inventive and once she discovered stevia i was again able too eat muffins ( made with wholegrain flours fresh fruit...stevia etc), fruit crisps, banana bread, lemonade etc ( lemons are good for cleansing inside the body ...blood , liver etc)...
i know others are way more strict with there diets and kudos to will power failed me :-(.....but the more raw foods and wholegrain products the better...stay away from processed stuff as much as possible.
I still enjoyed meat on occasion and eggs, fish etc...I am lucky in that we have fresh game...moose, deer etc ( usually walking past the back door )...if you know of any hunters this is the best growth hormones etc...Oh and we also switched to organic soy milk...( I have read pros and cons to just about everything online...just try and find what works for you...don't panic if you breakdown and eat a doughnut or something, just try and eat extra well to make up for it at the next few meals... I know some people will read this and say " a doughnut" AAAAGGGHHHH...the horror... come on guys .... just one little gooey , chocolate , sweet...Mmmmmm, sorry I digress.... maybe my name should have been "Homer"...

Keep Smiling...even on the bad days...never give up...and don't believe everything the Docs say !

All the Best to everyone...
Canadian Yoda !

( P>S> please excuse my spelling :-)

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