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personal experience with tachyon

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daizy4 Views: 19,266
Published: 18 years ago
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personal experience with tachyon


I like your name and yes, all that it entails is the same!

I posted awhile back about my experience with tachyon energy and I will post it again below.

I can relate to your concern about the "product" thing. I work with nuns and missionaries, so I too did not want to introduce something to them that with very limited income, they may not be able to acquire. They saw the change in me, and wanted to know what I was doing, so finally I told them...... They have embraced tachyon and invest in a limited number of products that are supporting their balance energetically and improving their quality of life.

I have invested in many things over the years relating to my health. Rebounder, distillers, supplements, juicers, magnets, various energy devices and many workshops. I have considered tachyon to be one of the very best of those investments. Yes, they are pricey. I'm afraid it's the two-week process of tachyonization technology that I am paying for, rather than the material form of the product.

You asked about genuine products and it is good that you are aware that there are knock-offs out there. Advanced Tachyon Technologies is the real deal. I believe one of the knock-off companies is in Japan called tackionic.

Here's a previous post I answered......

I have been using tachyon for awhile now with myself and in my healing practice and I have found it more helpful than anything else I have ever used. This includes Reiki, acupuncture and most forms of energy work, and other tools as well. I have taken several workshops with Advanced Tachyon Technologies, and I am a certified tachyon practitioner.

Tachyon is wonderful and works quickly for pain, but for emotional and more systemic problems, such as fibromyalgia, depression, and MS, it takes a bit longer. But it still helps!! It is not a magic bullet, but the closest thing that has evolved for me yet..... If one needs to adjust their diet, for diet is the cause of most health concerns, it sources the energy they need to make that decision. Tachyon has healed my chronic fatigue and vastly improved my TSH (thyroid) levels. But this didn't happen took daily use of the energy.... and several periods of detox.

Think of tachyon tools as antennae, which source the energy an organ or system needs if there is an energy deficit. Tachyon is kind of a bridge between zero point energy and us. It dissolves blockages.

Tachyon (the company) started out with just a couple of tools, but the company has evolved over the past several years, as people requested that they make different things for various health conditions. So there are many tools now to choose from. I always recommend the silica disk, if you can only buy one tool.

The other modalities that I practice, such as Reiki, polarity, cranio-sacral therapy, etc. are all frequency-based modalities. Reiki, for example, is evolving into higher and higher frequencies. First there was Usui Reiki, then Karuna, then Tummo, etc. In my practice, I have observed that the frequency for "Mary" may not be the frequency needed for "Jane", so Reiki is wonderful, but does not have all the answers. Whereas tachyon is pure potential, source of all frequencies, and the raw material for "Jane's" energy field to translate the tachyon into the exact frequency she needs. So tachyon is PRE-energy....PRE-frequency.....There is no guess work about which modality to use!

And there are many ways to source energy....qigong, tai chi, meditation, yoga, prayer, etc. These are very effective, ACTIVE ways to source energy. However tachyon is a PASSIVE way to source energy when we don't have time to do our active forms. All that is needed is to wear the tool, or ingest a few drops of tachyon water, to become an antenna and source energy!

I teach my clients to balance their chakras every single day themselves, with a silica disk. This is done by placing the disk on each chakra for 5 minutes. It is very harmonizing, relaxing and balancing. And it empowers the person because they do not have to pay a practitioner to do this. But be warned, tachyon works on ALL levels, not just the physical... so many changes occur on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. It fact, healing often occurs on the other levels before it manifests at the physical......tachyon becomes a journey for the person, not a quick fix. Tachyon is about awakening and expanding Consciousness!!!!

And everything in the universe is made of tachyon energy....and if we lived in an ideal world, we wouldn't become depleted. But the environment, EMF's, eating the wrong food, toxic emotions, etc. set up blockages. So I still need the tools! Until I am evolved and clear enough to be the antenna myself!!!

As far as quantum physics goes, tachyon has been around forever. Everything in the material world is tachyon. But the physics breakthrough is that the discovery was made by David Wagner how to harness the energy, based on the work of pioneers like Tesla. And tachyon is a particle.....a very, very small particle, the first condensation that trickles down from Zero Point (God). It's the cosmic glue, if you like!!

I have seen many transformations in people using this energy, on many levels. Physical, emotion, mental, spiritual, causal, and DNA..... plus it just feels so blissful!

Blessings and wholeness...


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