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Respectful concern/question regarding advice
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Published: 17 years ago
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Respectful concern/question regarding advice

Greetings all,

I try to get over to the board as frequently as possible to see how folks are doing and learn 'the latest' (and it seems I ALWAYS learn something of use...thank you ALL).

Some of you know that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer in the mid 70's, went to Dr. William Donald Kelley's clinic (before it was shut down) and experienced a complete and total healing from her cancer (and diabetes)...and is still with us today.

Kelley's therapy (like Schulzes and many others) are/were grounded in the extremely logical, easy to understand & comprehend (and afford) "basics"...toxins out, nutrients in, and major circulation of the blood to the affected area so it can heal.

So here's my question/concern: I just don't get it. Over and over again when I "pop in" over here, I see newbie after newbie being advised to do things like urine therapy, blood electrification; ozone therapy, etc...all of which may indeed be extremely beneficial...but are either extremely difficult to comprehend and utilize (urine therapy) or extremely expensive (the others).

Can someone explain to me why those of you with more experience in giving advise or in healing yourself, never seem to point people to Dr. Schulze s Incurable Program; Dr. William Donald Kelley's "One Answer to Cancer"; Gerson Therapy, or any of the other easily understandable (and fantastically time-proven) cures for cancer?

My mother-in-law was cured very quickly (within a few months) with major system/organ detoxing, liver flushes, coffee enemas, organic foods, juicing, proper hydration, deep massage/bodywork, and hot/cold hydrotherapy and/or cayenne tinctures to increase the circulation of her pure healing blood to her liver. All of which seem to me to be the very foundation of health for all of us. Yet I rarely see ANY of these simple steps offered as advice to those that were recently diagnosed with life threatening illness or cancer.

I know I MUST be missing something, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. Those of you with more experience than me (with healing yourselves OR with simply giving advice)...please help me out here. In my life this past year, I've had miracle upon miracle given/offered/extended to me, all which point to myself and my husband somehow becoming a valuable thread in the intricate web of natural healing
for many people. And Curezone has been an integral part of this.

And over and over again, the theme that keeps coming to me, seems to be the same: all that we need for healing our bodies, we have already been given by The Maker. Natural health is "natural" in, understandable, affordable and 'accomplishable' by even the least educated and the most impoverished person on the planet.

I'm not trying to debate anything, I'm only trying to understand. Sure thing, expensive gadgets and advanced techniques are sure to have their benefits...I just don't understand why these seem to be constantly recommended as the FIRST course (and sometimes the ONLY course) of treatment options.

All input/thoughts/responses willingly accepted!


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