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Published: 17 years ago
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Respectful Answer

A little story.

There were 3 people walking in the forest along a path. Sally was visiting from afar and a fairly curious person by nature. Sheri was a freind who Sally came to visit. The third person was a well known healer in Sheri's area by the name of John. As they walked, Sally began to cough and complained about having lung irritation for days that wouldn't go away. The healer looked around. His eyes settled on one particular leaf, on one particular plant. He pulled the leaf of the plant off and gave it to Sally and told her to hold it under ther tongue for a few minutes.

The three continued to walk. Within minutes Sally's cough subsided. Sheri, who was amazed, asked John what plant that was. He told her it was wild oregano. She was amazed and said "so wild oregano is the plant of choice for a person that has a cough like Sally's?"

John said with great wisdom. "at this exact time, for this particular person, that particulat plant was what was needed."

There is no ONE cure or set of cures that works for everyone all the time. People are always evolving thier consiousness and thus must pay particular attention to their needs (healing needs). We must factor in belief systems, collective agreements, etc.
All "physical" cures, in my opinion, are nothing more than a symbolic key that turns a person's conscious lock (the true meaning of placebo which is not fully understood by mainstream science). For some that key is urine therapy, for others its orange juice. For yet another, deep healing comes from resolving issues from their past. It all depends on your beleif systems and what you are thus comfortable with...willing to accept as viable.

As an aside concerning UT, Andreas Moritz 's mother healed a longstanding health problem using UT when all other methods failed. For her at that particular time, UT was what was needed.

What is considered an easy and acceptable method of healing for one can be a challenge (based on perception differences) to another. Our journey's are unique and that is why at my current level of awareness, I always emphasize people taking their power back by first getting clear. Examining belief systems etc. and taking full responsibility for their own healing and "life creating" is critical. Getting back in the drivers seat and creating harmony is the path to true wellness. This wellness path can be similar to some others shared collective mindsets but can also be very different to most mindsets as well.

From this mindset we are no longer victims and can sense what we need for ourselves at a particular "time." How we fit into the collective consiousness (what have we agreed upon as our rules that "govern" us) as well as how much consious control we have over creating our reality is critical knowledge that can bring about complete wellness.

Some healers try (in vain) to apply a broad band of techniques that may work well for certian groups (mindsets) (frequency of thought) of people having health issues, whereas an effective healer will take an individualistic, holistic approach. Holistic in this case meaning physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of that person. The main importance of this kind of healing is placed on self empowerment/awareness.

The difference is akin to just feeding a starving person vs showing them how to grow their own food.



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