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Published: 17 years ago
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Ok, here's the story. My 37 yr. old sister has been diagnosed with "lymphoma". She has had back problems since 1998 when she threw her back out lifting something, and she has NEVER BEEN THE SAME! Her back has been in constant pain since then, she has been on all kinds of meds for the pain, and it just gets worse. But this is only the beginning. Then, in 2000 she felt ill for quite some time, and went to the dr. and he did a CAT scan, and told her that she had thickening of the intestinal walls and that the intestines and stomach didn't "look good"! But, again there was nothing given to help her,except the old pat on the back and "I'll send you my bill".

So, since between 2000 and now, she has been in very poor health, alwasy in bad back pain. About 9 mos. ago now, she started to feel "sickly" again, and was noticing she was very constipated for days. She tried some over the counter stuff, it would slightly help, nbut not much, so she went to the dr. again (against my advice!) and he gave her some kind of pill to help her go. Well, it worked at first, but then she found she had to take moreof them as the days went by, till she was taking the max amount of these pills per day taht you should take. Now, the constipation was back. So, I told her to take a glass of warm water in the morning when she first got up, as that helps move the bowels. She did do this, but it wasn't working all that well. So, back to the dr. she goes. Now this went on for about 4-5 mos. with him giving her different pills for constipation. So, a few months ago, he did another CAT scan, and told her that the thickening of the intestinal walls was worse, and that apparetnly the lymph nodes in her abdomen, were all clumping together and were SWOLLEN! GREAT! Well, about 8 weeks ago now, she started having very bad pain, like someone has punched you, in her stomach when she would eat. This grew worse and worse. Then she got to the point where, even when she swallowed, as the food goes down the esophogus, it begins to hurt there too, and then when it hits the stomach, WATCH OUT! She has ended up in a ball on the floor due to this pain. So, consequentnly, she can't eat. OH, and I forgot to mention to you that on this CAT scan, he told her that she had a hole in her stomach as well. She's always had ulcers since her teenage years, but this apparently he's not calling an "ulcer' I don't know.

So, she is now at a point where, she can't eat. She feels hungry, but the thought of eating scares her. Every now and then she gives in and scarfs down a big meatball sub or something like that, and then, PAYS DEARLY for hours. about 6 weeks ago,ONE DAY OUT OF THE BLUE, she started in with diahreah (I can never spell that), and it was bad. That was during the time this stomach virus was going around, and she thoguht that was it. In fact, she felt "sick" for a few days, so she really did think it was that virus. But, to our disappointment, it never left. She has had diahreah and constipation now all the time, it swings back and forth from one day to the next. She is growing weaker and weaker by the day, and she is in constant pain in her back, she is getting thinner and thinner, can't eat, and was finally diagnosed with this LYMPHOMA by this same, there we are.

I refuse to believe there is nothing we can do, there is ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! I've learned so much from Curezone over the past couple of years, enough to know that you can definatly heal your own body of, I told her to do an enema to clean out her bowels....I don't think she's done it, she's preetty grossed out by the thought of it, but to bad! she should do it! I know of the carrot and beet juice combo, but the problem is IT HURTS WHEN IT'S GOING DOWN, AND THEN WHEN IT HITS THE STOMACH,...POW! HORRIBLE PAIN! so, now what? I know this may sound crazy, but I was reading the urine therapy forum, and I'm going to start doing that myself actually, but I wonder if thatwould help this "cancer" thing, or whatever it is....what can she do? If she can't swallow, she can't get nutrition, she can't swallow something to help clean the intestines (unless she does the enema) ... so now what?..............SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP...time is ticking, and it's getting worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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