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Re: PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: PLEASE Help with Replacement Decision.

Thanks so much 3 years,

hopefully we'll get some answers. It's not that they aren't out there. its just that dentists and business aren't on the level when you ask them the hard questions.

I'd really like to get my hands on a study showing that Diamond Crown is safe. Based on how unavailable this study is and how much work it is to contact biodent in N.A. by phone, I doubt there is such a study done by a competent 3rd party. Again, I hope I am wrong and some hero can get us the studies and post them here. There are cytotoxicity studies of all the other products available except Diamond products.

SHAGLEY, I would not consider having my teeth pulled. I'll tell you why. My teeth are healthy. I have been brushing every day since I was a kid. I am a young adult now and have healthy teeth.

Further, I was able to obtain my original dental records from the dentist that put the mercury fillings in, including the pre procedure dental x-ray. My holistic dentist informed me that I did NOT have any cavities before my old dentist put in the mercury amalgams!! He even showed me how to read the x-ray.

Therefore the dentist drilled out my healthy teeth to fill them with toxic mercury. So for a few hundred dollars he drilled out, what, 30-40% of the molar surface, all to make just a few hundred bucks. A decision that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I like most was young and didn't know any better than to let a so called "doctor" do what ever he wanted. Not anymore.

If you think there is no healthy filling, and underlying assumption behind pulling ones teeth, them what makes you think there are safe materials to make your dentures? Go to the website of Huggins. He talks about dentures. They are made of the same crap but also have NICKLE (the metal that is most prone to cause cancer) and other toxic materials. And then you have 3 to 120 times as much of that material in your mouth, toxic or not, as opposed to having some holes filled.

I think the best bet is to find the healthiest filling material and go with that. Keeping your own teeth if they are healthy is a very smart thing to do. You would be better of even just having the filling taken out and letting your teeth rot in your mouth than having them pulled. How are you going to chew?

I think in few years they should be able to use hydroxyapetite to fill teeth if already not being done underground. That is akin to having your original teeth back. Tooth or dentin is pretty much hydroxyapetite.

They are already using it to fix broken hip bones etc from what I have read. Supposedly they were very close to using it for fillings 5 years ago but suddenly the technology disappeared. I really wonder if the same forces that ensure people are poisoned by amalgams, thymerisol,artificial sweeteners, toxified drinking water and the countless other stuff made sure it is taken of the market. Think about it. The most deadly non radioactive material known to man does not get into vaccines etc on its own. That is one coincidence theory too many.

Here have some thymerisol, its good for you! Young and old, the more the merrier! The government is paying for your shot. But Doc, how can it fight the flue? Iíve heard on the nightly news that they havenít isolated this years strain yet. Isnít that necessary before you can make a vaccine? Ahhhh well yes, that is, trueÖ. I think it has last years strain thoughÖ. Let me see, hmmm, whatís thisÖit doesnít have last years train either? Ohh well, do you want the shot or not, take it, its good for you.

Nope, I think weíre on our own.

P.S. Anyone that has the DiamonCrown studies PLEASE post them.


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