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Heavy metal breathing

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Published: 17 years ago
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Heavy metal breathing

Hey tobi888 and thanks!

I'm fascinated by your test and will try it out. Or at least get close to it.

The dentists i have been dealing with are the educated ones. Unfortunately none of the educated ones here use full sedation. Due to my condition full sedation will be necessary. I was planning on having them removed slowly, with all precautions in place and polycarbonate placed. Unfortunately i will need full sedation. I have to *%#&§?ß* against the wind a little bit. However, she will be using the water flushes, rubberdam and the extra suction.

Many of the things you mention in your test are things i've been experimenting with on-and-off myself. Not the breathing aspect though.

The change i get in my condition when i havent brushed my teeth at all for a day or two is huge. The same goes for avoiding hot meals. The only hot thing i eat is the chicken and the consequenses are the same every single time.
Hot meal = confusion, irregular heart rhythm, stress, irritability, aggression, headache.
Brushing my teeth = I immediately start spiting pretty much non-stop for about an hour due to the taste and the increased saliva (sorry). 20 mins later my face feels numb and flushed. My hands feel bloated and i get strange sensations in my fingers and feet. About 45 mins after the brushing the physical and mental fatique sets in. The physical aspect is no energy what-so-ever, some-to-moderate pains in arms and legs, heavy arms/legs and sweating. The mental aspect is hopelessness, confusion, trouble speaking (as in wording things), the feeling of being completely and utterly stupid (and also actually being completely and utterly stupid at this point), im in slow-motion mentally and physically. This only gets worse as the hours go by and i only fully 'recover' after ive slept for at least 3-4 hours.
I've tried brushing my teeth while avoiding the fillings, but gave up on this. Ill try it out again. I've tried getting hold of a non-fluorinated tooth paste through other people, but i also gave up on this a while ago. Apparantly not easy to find here, and im not able to do any shopping myself. I know about the fluor aspect.

I have been experimenting constantly and with unmistakable positive results with these things: No tooth brushing, regular spitting, rinsing mouth again and again during the day (often more than 20 times at a time), lots of water and no hot meals.

The first 6 months i tried out pretty much all foods and kept a journal. I think i narrowed it down to what i can handle already. I keep re-trying different foods with bad results. Including broccoli and a couple of the other foods you mention. I take 0.5 - 1 mg of Ester C daily. Although i've only been doing this for a few months.

A question.. i've been worrying about giving myself the daily acute worsenings of my condition through brushing my teeth. Do you believe this is just a 'for the moment' worsening or could this keep me from ever fully recovering again? i mean, putting myself in that state daily by continuing to brush my teeth, although im well aware of what im doing to myself. I only brush my teeth at night before i sleep for obvious reasons. Do i damage myself further every single time i choose to do something as 'drastic' as brushing my teeth? i mean in the long run, the immediate worsening is unmistakable. What i would really love to know is.. Do i get dumber and sicker for every single toothbrushing. The reaction is so strong that im fearing im probably damaging myself more than i think. Damaging my intelligence, nervous system etc. I don't know. I'm hoping its just a temporary, immediate worsening. Fearing that its not. Whenever i experiment with this, i always end up swearing ill never brush my teeth again until ive had my fillings removed. The next day i however start worrying about my dental hygiene and repeat the procedure. In short.. should i completely stop brushing my teeth for now?

Very uplifting to see that other people have noticed the same things. Im impressed that you've been able to do these tests so thorougly and meticulously. I'll give it a try, but i won't be able to include all aspects.

Thanks again.

Im very impressed that youre so well-informed. Why are you still stuck..? is it purely the lack of an alternative filling or are there other aspects as well. And for how long have you been in this situation?


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