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Diamond Crown.

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Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Diamond Crown.

I stumbled upon this:

Sorry about the long url. Wouldnt work any other way.
Only 74 patients were tested and the method could be discussed, but i do find the results interesting. Especially since i was recommended to have either Charisma or Tetric placed just this last week. Tetric gets the worst result. Diamond Crown the best. Or 'best guess' as it says.

If you have the reserves and the energy to go to Morales and Mexico and have this done.. that really truly seems like the 'best guess' of all. My impression of him is purely positive.

It says that this is his price list: (scroll down)

I know a homepage like this looks terribly unprofessional. But the most incompetent dentists seems to be the ones who have the time and funds for the most flashy ones. Same goes for the Diamond Crown homepage. Doesnt have to be a bad sign. The only true MP expert in Denmark has one of the worst looking homepages on the subject.

There: (in English)

Thats a guy im certain could give me my health back. I've talked to him many times and corresponded through e-mail. He's an expert on the subject, he's treated MP patients since the mid-eighties, uses DC and he's cheap. Unfortunately i need sedation.

Morales uses conscious sedation. How do you feel about this? Having everything done in one appointment. I used to think this was a bad solution, but ive seen no evidence that patients who have the slow, monthly - 1 or 2 fillings removed at a time etc. - treatments recover any better than others.

Have you read about any bad experiences with DC?
The only ones i have seen mentioned are direct allergic reactions.

About being 'hell bent' on finding the right filling. So was i for a long time. I'm taking my chances now as i feel the neurological symptoms are getting a bit too worrying. So im taking my chances. I cant live like this anymore anyway. I will unfortunately at this point be satisfied with a less than full recovery. If it all goes to hell.. well i never had that many options. I've looked into this for 2 years now.

I was first recommended Diamond Crown way back in september 2002, i've seen nothing since then to make me really question it and i still believe it to be the 'best guess.'

I dont even know the name of the product my new 'holistic' dentist is planning on using. She did the (useless?) test on me. Tested about 10 different composites on me - using the magic pendulum - and said there were 2 options. I asked for the names of these two products so i could look them up myself. She gave me a note with the names of 2 products, but for some reason when i returned home and looked them up on the net, it turned out she had given me the names of two commonly used dental anaesthetics (!). Xylocain Adrenalin and another one. Now due to the holiday i've been unable to get in contact with her and get the brand names i need. I know she doesnt use DC though, due to the lack of tests. I have been completely unable to tell how much she actually knows about MP from talking to her. She doesnt answer my questions and she seems to lean towards the more vague, holistic and watered down opinions on the subject. However shes the only one who at least uses the precautions (or some) and also sedation.

I dont know how reliable this list is, but..:
There must be some of these dentists that use Diamond Crown.

My dementia-like state is scaring the *%#&¤?§* out of me. Its getting worse and worse. Very close to what you described. Im fascinated by what you said about having a perfect memory before this and the correlation with mercury fillings. I absolutely fear completely 'losing' it at this point. My confusion is so bad. It wasnt just 6 months ago. I know there are other aspects that could play a part. Perhaps B-12 deficiency.

You said:
:::The accumulated mercury, unless your chelating does not play a crucial factor because it is not free to inhibit these pathways. The mercury is already deeply attached within cells, namely fat cells, heart cells, and brain. This great reduction of available free floating mercury the blood will make sure that these pathways are not inhibited. Your reward is instant energy. You do not have to wait months or year. This is very scientific. It also explains logically why 89% of the people report having their energy levels back to normal after Amalgam removal.

So now I am hell bent on finding the right replacement filling. I think my body can take care of the rest.:::

I dont doubt this to be true. Large parts of the recovery should be instant. And seem to be with the really affected patients who eventually also get actual full recoveries. The neurological aspects seem somewhat more drawn-out. Although i have read many positive things on that as well.

Keep us updated on your every move.

On a Danish page i found a horrible safety sheet or guide for Hercules XTR. Do you know anything about Bisfil 2b and Fuju IX?

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