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Re: can detoxing mercury cause anxiety,insomnia,nightmares

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: can detoxing mercury cause anxiety,insomnia,nightmares

ahh no, that is NOT normal. And second, what the heck are you doing a cilantro+chlorella detox at the same time? That is just against everything you should do.

There are a lot of great people in this forum but you should not take detox notes from here as I think most people in this forum are not up on their detox info like they should be. Yes, this means that I also don't know everything but will offer you some general guidelines that should give you some idea.

-== Pre-Removal ==-
First off, is you have your Amalgams you should not be doing any detox. This is a given. You should be instead
taking Vit C and E to help boost your immune system for the removal. The other things you should be doing are taking alpha lipolic acid, selenium, and some L-methionine and or L-gluthionine.

- Boost Immune system
- Fine tune your selection of L-methionine and L-gluthionine, and selenium intake. This means finding the good quality of the 3 and finding the right intake so you will be all set to go.
- Get your liver and kidneys into working shape. This means working with your doc or find some other way to ensure you have at least one bowel movement per day. Try for 2. If you can't get this, than cancel your appointment. Get you kidneys in shape by drinking lots of water. Get used to drinking8 to 12 glasses of water per day. You body will need some time to adjust to this. You also need to take substances that are known to promote kidney and much more importantly liver function. I could give you a list of these thing but I will not as I have not scientifically verified the claims of these things yet. Use Google or talk to your DOC. They do know all about this.

-= Procedure =-
Make sure they use full rubber damn, air filter, air mask, and take the Amalgams out in sections with a water cooler drill. Try to not take out more than 2 Amalgams at one time. Give yourself at least two weeks to recoup before next. There are a number of things you could take during the procedure to help you. Selenium, L-methionine, and Activated charcoal are supposed to help prevent the mercury from getting in your system.

-= Post procedure =-
Once the amalgams are out, then you can start chelating.

Cilantro is experimental. I heard people say that the question is "who do you believe". No, if you have to believe something that means there is no scientific factor behind it. Most often than not, you should stay away from stuff that you need to "believe" in...or people you need to "believe" persons word for another.

The most promising things with Science behind them are;
L-methionine and L-gluthionine. They get the mercury out of you brain and so much more. Look it up.

Selenium. Protects your brain. They true yeast version only! Look it up. This is a toxin at more than 400 MICROgrams/day! There is quite a bit of debate as to how much is god for you. Most say 200mcg is the limit/day. Finding the right type is the key. This is VERY VERY hard. You want the true yeast type with no poison in it (aka. preservatives , coloring, etc) Try it. If it makes you sick, take less. it made me feel bad, so I cut down.

Chlorella lab quality is great and safe, if you take very little. How long will it take you ask... it will take about 10 years. be careful about anyone promoting footpads and miracle pills for $400/bottle and claiming you will be mercury free in 6 months. Even with pharmacological strength chelators you are looking at about 10 years. Chlorella has an extreme affinity to mercury. That doesn't mean it is an extreme chelator as it can't necessarily get most of the mobilized mercury out. In addition n chlorella is plagued by mercury contamination in nature...hence it is best in my humble opinion to avoid chlorella all together....unless you grow your own or can in some way verify it is 100% free of mercury, you are best to stay away from it as the chance that it isn't contaminated is slim to none. Have it tested or demand proof.

cilantro. Just do one thing at a time. None of these things get mercury out. How they act in nature has nothing to do with chelating.

DMSA...good. But I wouldn't do it.

Alpha lipolic acid. A must, look it up.

So in summary:
Alpha lipolic Acid
CO Q10

are all musts. If you choose to mobilize mercury you should also add something to help you liver. Look it up.

If you do Cilantro, make sure you do some tests to make sure you are getting out mercury. This will be in the form of stool samples.

If you choose Chlorella to mobilize mercury, make sure it is uncontaminated! Ho you are going to do is a real mystery. Pay a lab...

Perhaps the smartest way, if you insurance will cover it is to get DMSA and have your DOC help with the supervision and testing of the stool. You don't need to test every week once you fine tune the dose. You can test every 3 or 4 months.

I could have written a much more concise guide but you really need to take charge of your life and look everything up I talked about. I COULD BE WRONG!! This is the attitude you must have. After all it is your life we are talking about...there is no room for rumors.

Please make sure you look into the liver support nutrients as they are an absolute key in your detox. This is much more important than all the cilantro and DMSA in the world. Your liver will need to fight a long and hard battle. Everything and I mean everything will be up to your liver! 85% of the detox will be done by you liver. Your kidneys will only do a miserable 10-15% of the work. Having a high fiber lifestyle will be a must. Note that breads have a high selenium content. So this could cause you to overdose on it and not even know it. It depends on your location. Some places have no selenium in the soil. You may elect to do weekly coffee enemas. Getting it out of your body is not the same as eating DMSA, cilantro or chlorella.

If you are "chelating" and not having at least one massive bowel movement a day (one foot long), you will get head aches and will damage your brain. What you are doing is you are pulling mercury out of cells but are not excreting it. It is redistributed. if you are not careful you'll end up brain damaged. If you are having brain fog, head aches etc, you are in and past the danger zone. Regroup and re examine what you are doing.

Is your food contaminated? Are you taking too much? Are you having at least one big bowel movement per day? You need to push for 2 and make sure you drink at least 2L of water per day.

If you can, get you doctor involved. Do not go in talking about conspiracies and crap like that. Print out the research material and organize and reference it for him. yes it is up to you to do all this. Your doc has no time to read 100ís of pages of jibberish..they do not care to waist their time on something so conspiratorial. Serve it up clean and short, with a short 30pg printout that he can keep) If he finds it quality, he will look into it all the way. Do not try to dump all the info on him. Besides he will not believe anything you present to him. Doctors only believe what they find. The trick is to wet his appetite and let him think he discovered christmas. Then I'd be shocked if your doc will not help with at least your monitoring (lab tests).

Disclaimer. I am not a doctor. Do not take my word as being the one and only way. I am just one of the unfortunate doing my best
to get on top of things. The things I said are based on my readings that may or may not be false...I do not know. I strongly recommend you get the help of your Doctor is any treatment you wish to start.


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