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Re: How much Glutathione

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: How much Glutathione

glutithione I have read is good for mercury removal- is this correct? I know you mentioned it in your message.

now that I have told you this..could you give me a small message of how much glutithione etc I could take. and anything else.

it is correct. It is one of the most important factors.
I don't think you can take it orally. You can buy the pills
Reduced L-Glutathione, but I don't think you can absorb any of it.

It is made in the cell.

Also even if you could absorb it, you need 5grams+ day so that would be cost prohibitive.

What I do is I buy a large bulk powder L-glutamine. Each spoon is like 1gram of glutamine. You need 6 to 10 grams a day. 10grams if you are a bodybuilder. So I would assume you would need about 10grams for therapy also. It has no known side effects from what I have read.

Also take Whey protein. This has the amino acid precursors that you need to make Glutathione. I think this is the only way to increase intracellular levels by a significant amount through oral supplementation. Take the recommended amount of whey on the back of the box. If you donít feel more energetic, take more until you find the level that makes you feel good. 3grams is good to start but may be low. I should also say that working out will help detox your cells. It acts as a catalyst for the production of these substances and much more. Make sure you take a shower or wipe off after your work outs. In such a case, take 10grams of the former, and take 6 of the later (or the level you find works for you). You may be 5í4Ē and 115lbsÖI have no idea. This stuff wont hurt you thoughÖits just a matter of staying on budget. Your body wonít keep what it uses. If you feel energetic at a certain level I donít think taking more will give you any detox effects. In my mind that means you had enough for detox, your immune system (yes this is the key support for that too), your body building needs, and lastly energy production. Taking more may be a waste of $.

So in short, take the two powders. They work and are cost effective. No pills.

L-methionine is important on its own. If your sell runs out of cystine it will use methionine to mage glutathione. You canít take cystine orally it is toxic outside the cell. But this is not why L-Methionine is important. it is as important as glutathione on its own.

NAC and especially Alpha-lipolic acid can help increase cellular levels of glutathione.

It is a complex subject. Read the long posts above in this thread for more details. There is a number of things you should take together, they work synergistically. Missing a key ingredient means wasting you money. Either certain things you are talking won't be absorbed, or not sufficiently absorbed, or will be absorbed but won't have the co factors necessary to do their job efficiently.

Hope this helps. The two powders are a smart way to go and will help with your budget.


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