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Re: food sources?

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: food sources?

Unfortunately I don't know. I agree that would be ideal.
If you find this info, let me know.

Just some stuff you already know:
Vit C = citrus
Vit E = greens?

Glutamine (not glutathione) = egg whites and meats? (not too effective from what I have read)

glutamine (not glutathione) = Whey & glutamine protein powders (this is a food). High HSG is preferred.

Amino acids to make glutathione = egg whites and meats? Keep in mind the massive amounts you need to eat and also the poisons in meat (growth hormones to increase profits, Antibiotics , and other poisons)
Amino acids to make glutathione = Whey protein powders.

Selenium = bread (not the white starved, bleached out, nutrition less diet bread)

If you want to try to follow the above protocols, buy a good high GSH Whey glutamine powder and take 6grams+ a day. This great and it is a food. It isn't any ore poisoned than the chicken, beef, milk or eggs you would buy. Make sure there is no Aspartame and other funny stuff in it. There really is no such think as natural anymore. Our meats are infested with vaccines, Antibiotics , growth hormones, etc. The cattle and pork are so sick and overgrown by the time they are loaded on the trucks that many of them collapse and brake their legs on the ramps. They need all the Antibiotics to keep them alive through the hell they are put through. Some of the cows that give milk are given injections to increase their milk yields by like X12 or x50, something crazy like that. The cows can barely walk from their massive pouch and infections.

So you want to become a vegetarian? Now you need to consider that you are missing a lot of needed stuff from meat. Further, the veggies are all soaked with pesticides. You can't escape you fate my friend. We will all eat poison the rest of our lives. As an example, take the greatly admired ultimate health food the grape. Kills cancer bla bla...wonderful studies. They forget to tell you that in the studies they use pesticide free naturally grown samples. In real life grapes are sprayed with 14 different pesticides. No not 14 times, but with 14 dif types! You can't wash it off, you can stub with whatever you want.

So can you then live on air? Ohh, guess not even that...after all it is so clean ;) The point is natural is a buzz word, kind of like a marketing term. Evaluate the merit of each food(substance) on its own.

You can get your selenium from good bread...and also your FIBER!

I don't think it is good for you to drink so much orange juice and lemonade, but you can drink 3 or for glasses and take the rest in pills.

I would eat greens a lot, but I would take extra vit E in pills. Also ALA+R. Don't buy the non R+. You don't need much ALA. 100mg a day is fine. Maybe even 50mg.

As for mobilizing the mercury, you can take a food like chlorella. Make sure it has little mercury in it. Since it is grown in the open...

One thing I can tell you, and you know I am not the eternal optimist :) , The above stuff has really helped me. I still have my Amalgams so I can't detox, so I don't take a mobilizer but do the rest. 2 weeks ago I ran out and for a few days I only had VIt C. I could barely get up from bed. I felt like I was gona die any day. This may be a slight exaggeration, but I felt incredibly bad. My heart was so tired and so was my mind. I had no energy, like very cell of my body was starved.

Then I bought some supplies, and it took a few days but no I am back up doing work. My mind feels ok too. Mostly my heart feels great and I have decent amount of energy..can't say I am jumping up and down. So something is most definitely working here.

Just one more note. I am having a hard time with selenium. When I take it, things donít go good for me. Without it, things are up. I may be getting too much (I eat a lot of bread too). Or, and I think this may be the real cause, my brand is a dangerous brand to take.


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