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re:testimonial (I am so sorry for all the complaining about my allergies and chemical sesitivity)
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Published: 19 years ago
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re:testimonial (I am so sorry for all the complaining about my allergies and chemical sesitivity)


I feel so bad for all the complaining about my problems. I am sure others of you have it way worse
than do. I have a husband of 16 years, and a 15 year old daughter, both of whom love me, even
if I am tired a lot. I still have my gallbladder and all my other organs, except my tonsils.

I am feeling better today. Just gotta stay home from now on. Saves money that way.

I guess instead of focussing on what I can't eat or do I should focus on what I can.

I plan to keep drinking the taheebo tea as it is giving me more energy and less pain.
And more importantly I can tolerate it.

I do Y-dan each morning as it is supposed to help get the blood out of the liver. The
liver cleans the blood between 1-3 am so a lot of the blood is still in the liver in the morning.
I drink 2 glasses of room temp water (taheebo in my case) befroe the Y-dan (like tai chi but easier).
Drinking the 16 ozs of water is supposed to wake up the organs from their slumber.

(cold water and food is hard on the liver)

I also started lifting 1 pound weights.
and walking around the block. One has to start someplace.

I get rolfed every 2 - 4 weeks for my pain and tmj problems.

I go to the chirpractor weekly. I have scoliosis. Scoliosis can be aggravated by digestion
problems. Undigested food can push on the back bone and cause pain and curvature.
I suppose a swelled liver/galbladder can push on the diapham twisting the ribs and causing
all sorts of problems in the back and ribs.

I can still eat 3 things. I heard of a lady that could only eat brocolli.

I eat only grass fed beef and organic green beans and brocolli and korean Sea Salt .

Sometimes I splurge for grass fed buffalo or lamb.

And I am a stay home mom and my husband makes enough for the:
the rolfing
the y-dan was a $25 tape
the taheebo - only $10/ pound
and the meat- although it is cheaper than the dirty grocery store meat.

Also I have gained about 2 pounds. I was 94 and I am up to 96 pounds.
My hair stopped falling out a few months ago and I do believe it
has strarted growing back in as I see a lot of wispys around my face.
I am also not as pale as I once was. That kidney infection back in october, 2001
took a lot out of me.

And if I don't eat after 6:00, I sleep most of the night.

My herbalist did confirm for me that the 2 prescription drugs that I am taking
are toxic to the liver and it will be hard if not impossible to detoxify while taking them.

I was on 3 drugs and tapered off one of them. It took two years since it is an addictive one.
The other two are addictive as well, and I am tapering of the second one now. It might take 1-3
years to get of it and another 2 or so to get off the other. I just have to focus on that right now.

All drugs prescription or over the counter are hard on the liver. The liver has to try to detoxify
the body of them. I avoid all pain pills with a passion. they are really hard on the liver. They stagnate
the liver.

I am going to focus on keeping the bile moving for now, by eating a not fat free diet, and exercise and
a lot of fluid. Taheebo is supposed to help the bile move as well in addition to helping to kill candida.

I just read on a web site that you should thin the bile first to get it moving before you attempt a
gallbladder flush or the liver will be dumping into an already congested liver.
Maybe this is why some people get so naseous and ill feeling after a flush, they jump into a flush with out
weeks to months of a diet designed to get the bile moving. (ie:lemons, oils and fats, apples, herbs)

Taking 1/2 cup of oil at once is hard on you if your body is not used to it because you have been
avoinding it due to it agravating symptoms. Start slow with the oil.



> I am a bit confused today so sorry for talking in circles or squares. I am severvely chemically
> sensitive and I went to the store today. I always feel like such an idiot when I do that. Now I will
> spend the next week or so trying to recover from that little visit to the store!
> I just am allergic to lemons, grapefruits, olive oil. There has to be another option for me.
> Someone mentioned eating pizza. Would that work after a fat free day? I can't eat pizza, so
> I guess that question is useless! I even did not tolerate the Liver Cleansing herbs as well as
> I would have liked to. What does a person do if they can't eat or drink the herbs or flush potions
> to make them well? Stay sick I guess. I only can eat green beans and beef and brocolli. On
> occation I try other veggies or chicken or eggs, or grains. Yep, they still make me sick.
> I am concerned about drinking the lemon juice because of my candida. It is a fruit and so are
> olives for that matter, and people with candia should avoid simple sugars and carbs. It is not
> that I am scared of the unknown. I am scared of the known. I used apple juice last time and
> that is why I am where I am now.
> >
> Mary.


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