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New Chelation Protocol Theory
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Published: 17 years ago

New Chelation Protocol Theory

This New Protocol Theory is based on my personal experience of having 18 Amalgams removed in Feb. 04 and reading.

DO NOT CHELATE FOR NINE MONTHS or possibly longer. It is not necessary.

Chelation is unnecessary to cure Amalgam poisoning. The cure for Amalgam poisoning is the removal of the amalgams.

The human body is designed to chelate and remove toxic substances by itself. If it could not do this we would all be dead because the air, water and food is to some degree naturally contaminated with toxic substances including toxic metals. People get sick from Amalgams because they are being continually poisoned. Once the Amalgams are removed the body will begin to chelate out the mercury.
Is it possible that some people can't chelate naturally? Yes. But it is likely a very small percentage. There is a theory that mercury in childrens vaccines causes Autism. The rate is one male child in one hundred and about one female child in about three or four hundred. A possible explanation of this is that the other children are able to chelate out the mercury.
If you are the one in a hundred males,ore one in three hundred females who cannot chelate naturally then you will need to use supplements to remove the mercury from your body.
The best way to find out if you can chelate naturally is to wait for nine months after Amalgam removal and see if you are improving. Its as simple as that. Eating a healthy non vegetarian diet, and taking basic vitamins and minerals is a good idea. The idea here is Not to stir up the mercury but to allow the body to remove it at its own pace.

Chelating immediately after amalgam removal with DMSA or DMPS which are probably the two best chelators of mercury will move mercury from your body to your brain and make you feel sick.
According to this theory you would not use anything that makes you feel sick. Feeling sick means mercury is going to your brain. You dont want that. The use of other supplements,such as ALA(not recommended for use until three months after amalgam removal by A.C.Hall,),MSM,Garlic,Cilantro, Chlorella would be ok if they dont make you sick. EDTA would not be used as it is a poor chelator of mercury anyway.

You should Not eat any seafood during this time. You should not take any supplements that are derived from the sea, such as kelp and calcium.

I believe this is the healthiest method of mercury removal for most people. This is just my theory after my own experiences of chelating immediately after amalgam removal and feeling quite bad from it. If you aren't improving after amalgam removal you can always try all the chelators but with this protocol you have at least given yourself a chance to heal naturally and it doesn't cost you any money.

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