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Published: 16 years ago
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Actually Gentlemen, you've really REAFFIRMED my original point and thesis. Thank you. Now please let me reveal just how you've done that :)

First of all, I do recognise the misuse and misjudgement in application of such laws. For example, if one helps a minor run away from an abusive parent, that person can be charged with endangering the welfare of that minor. In such a situation is it a wise and protective judgement? Secondly, in situations where men, heterosexual or homosexual (though clearly there is a strong and unarguable correlation between homosexual behavior and predatory behavior on and sexual molestation of young underage boys) have been involved with pedophile, there is NO TREATMENT and there is NO CURE. This means, no chance at rehabilitation in such cases. I base this information on arguements presented for the year of debate at one of the universities I attended. This was the unfortunate, yet validated conclusion that much debate, and evidence proved. Therefore, all sexual molesters and sexual predators of young underage girls and boys are by "clinical" definition or fact untreatable, unless the information I am resting my statements on YEARS ago has since been proven a fallacy. ?

I doubt it has, though I am not a "know it all", I know it was strongly proven and considered conclusive at that time in our University debate year.

Therefore, based upon that conclusion, and the SUPER STRONG link between homosexuality and sexual predation upon young underage boys, it should be outlawed, as a natural and organic side effect or act of marriage is the creation and raising of children and family, and thus this behavior, having been proven to be strongly linked to sexual predation of young boys, should be indeed OUTLAWED! Clearly, in situations where pedophilia by heterosexual men are involved, that too is a criminal and civil situation which should be dealt with in similar legal protections and justice. Keep in mind, however, that laws regarding "young or underage girls" have changed in some states, and in recent years. For example where as some years ago, if a 17 year old boy got a 15 year old girl pregnant, the law back then in one state would pursue statutory rape. However, the changing of laws and the ages involved have since moved the bar. The country I currently am in with my fiance', for example, allows 14 year old girls to have sex with boys or men if they consent. However, this age difference is indeed a different factor all around the world.

Pedophilia, and homosexuality are not normal behavior as traditionally defined. However, due to George W. Bush and the gay parade agenda, things are changing, precisely for and due to the furtherance of that agenda, mainly the ethical and moral terpridation and destruction of the nuclear family and America, and promoting the U.N. depopulation agenda. This link goes to a great dissertation, well referenced and documented that PROVES THIS: (Pokeback Mount'in: Hymn to Dysfunction
By Henry Makow Ph.D.). These articles well reference and point out the real agenda of homosexuality being foistered upon a largely ignorant populace by a handful of elitist like George W. Bush, who himself has homosexual (bisexual) relations with a well known mayor of an American city. Laws should exist against homosexuality, as it has proven in every culuture to be the beginning of it's moral, ethical, and physical decline and destruction. In fact, based on the rather clever and stealth attacks by anonymous members of society, I would be surprised if this homosexual and antifundamentalist Christian attitude has caused a heck of a lot of CHAOS or is that Kaos? Even here.

Yes, for example, George W. Bush has been compromised due to his illegal homosexual behavior while if office, having been blackmailed ongoing by the Red Chinese police using this illegal (in some states formerly anyways) behavior of sodomy and nondisclosure, and so on. Every culture, Rome being a great example, who allowed homosexual behavior soon fell into beastality, pedophilia, and complete moral and physical decay and destruction. The same looms on the horizon for America, as it legalizes homosexuality, and follows the same path as Rome.

After all, homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, and against the Universal laws. No society can stand without law and order, and if the homosexual argues it's against The Universal Laws, then what basis or ROCK do they have to stand upon, both physically, and allegorically (argumentatively speaking)? ? ?

Homosexuality is STRONGLY linked to sexual molestation and predation of kids, and is a moral crime from antiquity. It should thus REMAIN a moral crime, punishable, as is pedophilia (though many of the same lobbyists and activists in the homosexual movement and agenda are now trying to move law restricting pedophilia and beastiality).

So the crack in the doors opens, and their are those of you who want to push it wide open to the moral abyss from which you will never climb out of, and pull all the members here of America into and down the toilet with you.

No thank you. Homosexuality SHOULD BE OUTLAWED FOREVER! After all, it's just plain sickening, really, common sense and intuition tell those unaffected by this perversion that simple and natural organic truth.


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