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Re: Gross Immorality & destruction of Culture -Hey Need Some Suppourt
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Gross Immorality & destruction of Culture -Hey Need Some Suppourt

Maybe your mother is watching out for you, and caring for you. There is a lot of help for you, and your decision will make that difference.

In The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon showed several basic reasons why the great civilizations deteriorated and died. All these conditions exist in the USA today: "(1) Crumbling dignity and sanctity of the family and home; (2) High taxes; (3) 'Bread and circuses' entertainment --- i.e., televised sports, soap operas, etc.; (4) Ever-increasing pleasure-seeking, decadence, and immorality; (5) Massive buildup of military forces; (6) Weak leadership; (7) the decay of individual responsibility; and (8) Religious apostasy."

Jim Brown, author of When Nations Die, lists "10 Warning Signs of a Culture in Crisis: (1) Increasing lawlessness; (2) Loss of economic discipline; (3) Oppressive bureaucracy; (4) Decline of educational excellence; (5) Weakening of cultural foundations; (6) Loss of respect for tradition; (7) Gross materialism; (8) Gross immorality; (9) Decay of religious belief; and (10) Devaluing of human life." (34)

All of the above symptoms are very evident in modern America. The average span of the world’s great civilizations has been about 200 years. The USA is just over 200 years old and stumbling headlong into the home stretch of this historical cycle.

In The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic, Tyler wrote of great civilizations, that "They begin in Bondage. They then go from Bondage to Spiritual Faith. With that Spiritual Faith they develop great Courage. That Great Courage leads to Liberty. Liberty then leads to Abundance. Abundance then leads to Selfishness. This Selfishness then leads to Complacency. The Complacency grows into Apathy. Apathy then degenerates into Dependence. This Dependence brings them full circle back into Bondage."

The USA is in the last stages (apathy and dependence) of the cycle, and now is a virtual police state. Because so much of the current federal government is illegitimate and corrupt, in 1994 it became possible and necessary for American patriots to issue another Declaration of Independence, in which every complaint made against King George III in 1776 was paraphrased and reiterated against the modern regime.

In his "Anatomy of Revolution", Crane Brinton compared the periods preceding four major revolutions: the American, French, Russian and the Glorious Revolution of England (1642). Those periods all had ominous similarities to the present condition of the United States. All major revolutions witnessed the following:

"(1) A long period of economic growth followed by a period of sluggish growth or decline; (2) The frustration of rising expectations of the middle class and lower class, who had become used to getting a little more each year; (3) A ruling class divided and inept with many feeling guilty about their position or being overly sympathetic with the underdogs; (4) A significant increase in corruption, crime, and general immorality; (5) Increased rebelliousness and alienation of youth from the older generation; (6) Desertion of the establishment by the intellectuals and increased indifference to politics on the part of the general population, making it possible for small, tightly organized groups to wield influence, or to take over..." (33)

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