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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: A question for superhero and for homosexuals

"I do not think homosexuals should be allowed to marry. Marriage has already been defined to what it is."

I don't talk about christian marriage in a Church. I am talking about a legal contract that gives to both parties some legal rights, and some form of legal protection in front of law. It also has economical consequences when it comes to taxes, and also to many other subjects.

"I do not think homosexuals should be permitted to adopt kids because this would be short-changing an adoptee of a potential father figure (in the case of lesbians) or a mother figure (in the case of 2 guys.) "

Ever heard about situation in what parentless kids live in Brazil, China, Russia, India, Thailand, and most African countries?

Most of those kids have no father figure, have no mother figure, have no nice place to live, have no enough food, no enough clothes.

What is your argument all about?

What child, waiting for adoption, has both, father and mother figure?

What is the weather like on your planet?

Imagine this. Imagine you are living in Somalia, or Sudan, or Kongo, or Philippines.
Just close your eyes and imagine.

Imagine you and your wife are dead. Car accident, killed in war ... cancer, AIDS .. ... whatever you prefer.

You and your wife are gone. And imagine, you have no family who could take care of your beautiful daughters.

Try to imagine a life of your daughters. They are split and they windup in different institutions. Very few institutions are run by people who really love kids and who try to do the best they can with what they get from government.
One of your daughters is lucky enough to endup in one of those institutions.
The other 2 daughters endup in a different kind of institutions. People running those institutions also "love" kids, but in a different way. They love to rape kids. They force kids to work as prostitutes of soldiers, in return for money and food.

Your kids don't get enough food, they have no clothes, they have no medications, no clean water, no father figure, no mother figure, ... all they have is shame, pain, fear, beating, rape, ... any abuse you can imagine.
The institution they are in is worse the any jail in USA. Worse in any possible way.
You would rather see your kids endup in any jail in USA, then in those institutions.

Don't forget, these are your kids we are talking about, not some "black african" kids on TV.

Even when they are not abused, they don't have have father/mother figure, they don't have a place that they call home, they rarely have a chance to eat what they want. They don't remember last time they got a birthday present.


Now, open your eyes, and listen. There are millions of kids today in similar situations. Parentless kids are routinely abused in institutions in more then 50 countries of the world: Africa, Asia, South America,...

Adopting a child from another country is a process that takes a long time, and takes a lot of money. A family must be ready to spend from $10,000 to over $20,000 USD for the whole process.
In the same time, there are millions of lesbian couples who would be willing to adopt a child from another country, they have good economy, nice house, nice people, but, they are not allowed. They have economy, they have will ... but law is against them. Because of people LIKE YOU!

What would be your choice?

a) your kids being adopted by a lesbian couple living in USA/UK/France/Canada/Spain, who would give them everything they need?

b) your kids stay where they are?

And, in case you are afraid of child abuse, how about some statistics: 98% of child abusers (sexual abuse) are men.

By removing men from equation, your chances of your daughters being abused by a lesbian couple are 98% less.

An extra question, and an extra option:

Would you rather have your daughter adopted by a family where there is both a "FATHER" and a "MOTHER" figure, and 98% higher chances of being raped, or would you rather have them being adopted by a lesbian couple?

I want your honest answer. I want you to image the situation, and I want you to think.

To help you make your mind, here are a few forums to read:

White Shark

Ireland nuns apologise for abuse

One of the Roman Catholic orders at the centre of a child abuse scandal in Ireland has apologised unconditionally to those who suffered in its care.
In a statement, the Sisters of Mercy said it accepted unreservedly that many children had been "hurt and damaged while in our care".

A 1996 TV documentary exposed the scale of abuse at one of their orphanages in Dublin in the 1950s and 1960s.

In recent years, dozens of cases at religious schools have come to light.

The Irish state formally apologised to victims in 1999 and set up a commission to compensate them for their suffering.

Survivors groups welcomed the nuns' statement.

"Today a little bit of light has come," said Christine Buckley, the woman whose testimony formed the core of the 1996 documentary.

"I have to state I admire their bravery," she added.

Rosary beating

In the 1996 documentary, former residents of the Dublin orphanage revealed that they were beaten with wooden chair legs and whipped with rosary beads.

The programme prompted an apology from the Sisters, but this week's statement went further.

"We know that you heard our apology then as conditional and less than complete," the Sisters said.

"Now without reservation we apologise unconditionally to each one of you for the suffering we have caused."

The spokeswoman said the nuns had spent years coming to terms with growing public anger at the abuse scandals being unearthed within the Catholic Church in Ireland and several other western countries.

The order, which has 3,000 members, was founded in 1831 in Dublin.


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