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yeah and about demons etc...
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Published: 16 years ago
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yeah and about demons etc...

When I read about that gays have a demon , I'm sorry but I find that
entirely humorous.
Hmm how many folks did he see that he did not *cast out demons from?*
I never saw him cast out demon of greed from his Mathew tax collector..
or lets see demon of bitchness from Martha that was pissed that her
sister was not helping serve food, but sitting listening.
Did he cast out demons from the lepers? no
Or the woman with the shunned hemmorage?

I think we should have a pettiness demon *lol *
perhaps our children have a eating gluttony demon,
when they are really just kids going thru growth spurts.
Is there a naggy wife demon?
Or a *I used to be hot til I got married and let it all go demon?
thow about *I don't like to clean bathrooms demon..
or esp a toothpaste demon that keeps you from putting the cap
back on and driving your wife nuts.
Is there a fishing guy demon? (whose wife would rather he stay home,
and go to church with her? (I actually knew a woman that believed this!)

what about the chocolate addiction demon?

We are all the *outflow* of an eternal source.
as such we need to be able to see past the human trappings
and clutter that cling to all of us, and overlook all that..
to the eternal self that we all are.

It always remains a matter of * where your thoughts and energies are..
that you give so much attention to .. therein lies the truth of your heart.
Too bad so many can't face that fact that they spew hate.. not love,
by their intolerances.. it is all a part of separatism .. which
leads to *I am better than you attitudes, all extreme egoism
(which btw ego is this: a mind thought preprogramed behavior.

That is my take on it anyhow
Also I wpnder the age old question.. what if you met Jesus today?
What would you see?
Certainly a man well dressed (otherwise the soldiers would not have bothered
casting lots for his clothes)
He would be surrounded by gays, financial greedy folks, prostitutes,
be a rebel (maybe even with assault charges against him for whipping
folks from church steps)
He would be going around talking love, with no other abvious means
of support except a non profit organization.
He would not have a house of his own, but relie on his followers
for shelter or sleep out side (is that called homeless or just loitering?
Hmm he would be seen as a potential terrorist lol for not supporting
Bush with his war agenda, but rather enciting the masses to love each other,
and treat eveyone as you would like to be treated yourself.

Wondering? could modern day Christians accept this?
I think many would not.


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