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Re: This is pathetic!
John Cullison Views: 2,229
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: This is pathetic!

Yeah, well, keep telling these folks that their sexual desires are wrong and bad, and watch how goofy they can get in trying to justify them.

The whole point of the Gay Pride parade, by the way, is to wave the ignorant stereotypes and generalizations in the face of the general public. Most gay folks are not, in day-to-day life, anything like the extremes shown at Gay Pride. It's a kind of satire on society -- mocking the generalizations by embracing them. Go to a gay bar or dance club and you won't find many transgenders or transsexuals, and you won't find them doing anything like what they pull at Gay Pride. They will, however, be very open about their sexuality.

Transvestites and transsexuals are, in my unprofessional opinion (based on observation -- gasp!), extremely confused by the fact that major influences in their lives have told them that their sexual interests are wrong and evil, so to justify it, they elect to "become" women, one way or another, thereby making it OK to feel the way they do. The logic goes -- only women can be attracted to men; I'm attracted to men; therefore I'm really a woman.

Sometimes, I'd just like to throw water in their faces and tell them to just be gay and that it's OK.

I know one guy (a transvestite) who's actually legally changed his name to a female name, and yet he still has a girlfriend... See how confused it gets? What's his plan, to become... a lesbian? I don't think he'll be comfortable with the fact that he likes male attention until he's lopped off his weiner and had an artificial vagina installed. Maybe not even then.

If he could just be a happy slutty bisexual, he could just be the gender he was born into, but no...

And guess who's driving that? Well, surprise surprise, it's folks like you. Heavens to mergatroid, you mean the folks who are most against homosexuality are the ones driving folks into the fringes? Why, yes, June Cleaver, I do. And why not? It gives you one more thing to bitch about. And they say gays are drama queens... sheesh.

Ancient Greek and Roman societies are known for their practice and acceptance of homosexuality, but I can't think of a single historical case of transvestitism, except for the case of men playing women in plays. (Not to say they didn't exist, but... anyone?)

Coming to terms with one's sexuality is confusing enough without having to deal with passive aggressive (or murderously aggressive) social morality police. Social acceptance would go a long way toward reversing the trend of "women trapped in men's bodies".

But you'd have to give up your not-hatred of gays...

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