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Re: homosexuality in ancient greece
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: homosexuality in ancient greece

Okay, well where in the world did we get the intellect to gain the wealth we did? We come from the same land, the same societies, the same cultures but somehow, we learned and adopted democratic and conservative ways that those countries we come from are still trying to comprehend. And as you say, we come from the same ancestors...Monkeys (if so we did!) So why are we so much more intellegent or advanced is a better word for it? It's not geography because other countries could look upon our society and gain wisdom from us and realize that what they're doing isn't working...i.e. communistic rule; and therefore advance their cultures as well. It's a moral, ethical and yes religious choice. And some are rich in oil yet still live in squandor. They choose to keep their countries poor. They choose to adopt their practices and so heap devastation upon their lands. They choose the ways of war and poverty. They choose evil practices instead of proven Godly practices which lead to health and prosperity. Some cultures kill their own virgin daughters for being raped, they sell young girls and boys into prostitution rings, they lop off peoples heads for what we would consider a misdemeanor. They control through fear. Yet somehow, we've figured out a way by some wisdom or knowledge to live the way we do and offer some amount of freedom to our citizens. That freedom is slowly being taken away from us now because like I said, we are turning from the ways of God and slowly reverting back to the way we used to be. But where did that wisdom come from in the first place? It's free will yes, but there's a spiritual battle that reigns among us that most are blind to. Most call Satan the lord of this earth and of the air. He controls the air waves. He sends his messages to us through the internet, television, radio...etc. The more technologically advanced we become, the more channels Satan has to work thru. Look how unhealthy television has become over the last 15-20 years. The video games, the internet. Lots will say that's hogwash but if you think about it, He's not gonna be obvious in order to give himself away. He's very subtle. It's all about timing. As people become desensitized to him, he slips in a little more vulgar, a little more gore, a little more sexually explicit material so that he slowly entraps us into a mentality that anything goes. He's after our children. Look at the children's programming that's being aired today as opposed to yesteryears. It's absolutely discusting. Then we wonder why our children have hateful, disobedient, rebellious attitudes today. Girls are having sex at 12 years old. That was unheard of in my day. They're having babies at 14. Yes, Satan is after our kids and we are blind leading the blind. We don't have the tools to defend our homes because we've turned our backs on God. We can't fight the spiritual battles surrounding us because we don't associate behaviours with spiritual influence. homosexuality is just another phase in his corrupt plan for humankind. Keep them going downhill to make as many as he can lost little sheep heading to the slaughter.

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