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Re: Contact Mat Koehler and let him know your opinion
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Contact Mat Koehler and let him know your opinion

mr. koehler, the fact that you work for the minnesota daily is the very reason why you are NOT qualified to be critiqueing Kevin Trudeau 's book, let alone any other book dealing with such emotionally and politically charged topics.

You were dead on right about one thing when you stated, "The absolute idiocy of the American public never ceases to amaze me..." because, even today most americans are still "gullible" enough to believe that the media exists as a "public service" entity that seeks only to keep the community "informed" for their benefit and safety, rather than see it for what it is which is one great, big propaganda machine feeding the public misinformation and disinformation; inciting distrust and generating fear in order to sway public opinion in your favor or toward whomever is dictating the "order of the day" be it one of your high paying advertisers, political lobbyists, cohorts or cronies.

Your statement, "I would never try to immorally exploit this stupidity, as I fear the fires of hell.", may be true and in line with your beliefs, however, your moral beliefs and that of your employers are two different things. we understand that you are on their payroll, and thus cannot always say whats really on your mind. come judgment day, im sure this will be taken into consideration as a mitigating factor thus taking some "heat" off you.

now back to the book. i can understand why the term "cures" as mentioned in kevins book can be construed by the unsophisticated (new to natural/homeopathic remedies, natural hygiene, etc.) reader as not being cures, per se. for the most part you dont pop a pill, take a potion or chant something (which i think most people were expecting) and expect an ailment to go away. rather, what he is advocating is a change in lifestyle.

now, what he is advocating is not unreasonable nor unattainable, and in fact is totally in line with human evolution and biochemistry; from a fundamental or physiological standpoint to say the least. however, the changes in lifestyle which he advocates may be too dramatic for the average person to implement.

having some knowledge of human nature and habits and a sense for the way the average person "thinks", i can see how this book may be of no benefit to many people. for the sophisticated reader, this book serves to reinforce what they already know, compels them to keep doing what most of them already do, and does present some new information. chapter 1 for me was disturbing though quite enlightening as im sure it was for a lot of people. for others, however, they would have to have some other extreme, motivating factor in order to follow what's outlined in the book. whether they are people who are just sick and tired of being sick, tired, unhealthy, dependent on prescription drugs; fed up with being manipulated by the goverment, food and drug companies, medical profession, media or whatever. though there are a number of people not yet ready for the non-traditional approaches toward health advocated in the book, there are many that are; flush with inspiration and willing to take it to the next level.

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